Michael Delman, award winning educator and CEO of Beyond BookSmart, shares insights gained from a career devoted to helping students become more confident and effective.

  •   Learn how to communicate with your child.
  •   Learn how to connect with your child.

  •   Learn how to encourage your child.
  •   Learn how to gain your child's respect.
  •   Learn how to establish a great relationship with your child in order to be able to influence your child's decisions.

"We want our kids to become successful young adults, and we also want them to stay within the boundaries that we feel best. For them to really grow up, we want to be careful not to play God, not to be like the producer of the Truman Show who simply can’t bear to see his child grow up. We need to cheer for them as they make their own decisions, even if those decisions aren’t the ones we would make. The more that we allow our children to become who they feel they need to be, the more willing they are to share with us. And the interesting paradox is that the more they feel respected, the more they will allow us to influence them."

- Michael Delman, CEO of Beyond BookSmart

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