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Executive Function Coaching for Adults

Executive Function Coaching for adults: WorkSmart Coaching

WorkSmart Coaching, a division of Beyond BookSmart, is especially for adults who want to learn how to become organized, productive, and effective.

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Self-Management Skills for Adults

Weaknesses in Executive Function skills can become a serious liability in the professional, family, and personal spheres of an adult's life.

You may notice:

  • Organizational challenges - difficulty organizing work or home materials, may lose track of important due-dates for paperwork or bills, may not know how to approach writing reports for work or managing long-term projects
  • Behavior or emotion management challenges - poor coping skills for stress, may not resist online or social distractions, has difficulty settling down to do work and persisting with challenging or tedious tasks
  • Time management challenges - leaves tasks until the last minute, may be overscheduled and stressed, may not know how to maintain an efficient work schedule or follow up in a timely manner
  • Professional challenges - difficulty initiating and persisting with a job search, may have conflicts with colleagues and problems collaborating on projects, may not know how to take notes in meetings

Difficulties in these areas can lead to poor career advancement or even struggles to maintain employment if the challenges are severe enough.

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What Executive Function Skills do Adults Need?

Adults in our fast-paced world require strong self-management skills.

These include:

  • Self-regulation - managing strong emotions and inhibiting impulsive behaviors
  • Attention - sustaining focus, especially for lengthy or challenging tasks
  • Task Initiation - starting a non-preferred task
  • Organization - keeping track of materials, organizing ideas and information, managing digital data and files
  • Planning and Prioritizing - mapping out multi-step tasks such as long-term home improvement or workplace projects and judging which tasks are most important to tackle first
  • Time Management - allocating time for career, family, and other commitments, getting to work and appointments on time and prepared
  • Cognitive Flexibility - taking the perspective of partners, colleagues, and supervisors, formulating different solutions to problems
  • Metacognition - insight into how one thinks and the ability to monitor thought processes to help achieve goals and solve problems

While people oftentimes seem to develop these skills seamlessly throughout adolescence and young adulthood, many adults struggle to manage themselves effectively. Adults with ADHD or other learning differences can be vulnerable to weaknesses in Executive Function and often benefit from direct 1:1 instruction and support.

How Executive Function Coaches Help Adults

Our coaches work with adults to:

  • Learn and practice methods to cope with stress
  • Learn and apply strategies to stay on task and maintain attention
  • Learn how to get work started and persist with challenging work
  • Develop personalized systems to organize materials and work areas
  • Develop systems to start and complete tasks
  • Learn how to break projects into smaller parts and plan when to do work
  • Develop self-reflection skills to help take ownership of new habits
  • Identify and use technology that improves productivity
  • Gain insight about motivation, and use that knowledge to be productive
  • Learn how to advocate for needs in the workplace

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