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Clinicians and Educators: Executive Function Coaching Referrals

Is Executive Function coaching right for your student, client, or patient?

Signs of Executive Function challenges in students:
  • Parents manage much of the student's homework
  • Procrastinates and/or is disorganized
  • Anxious or frustrated about school
  • Easily distracted and/or takes hours to do homework
  • Has trouble initiating and/or persisting with tasks
  • Does not know how to study effectively
  • Not achieving his or her academic potential

Our knowledgeable Outreach Coordinators are ready to share details about our coaching so that you can feel confident in referring students to Beyond BookSmart. We also provide clinicians with in-service presentations to further their understanding of academic-based executive function interventions and our unique application of the Transtheoretical Stages of Change Model in our coaching.

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