BrainTracks brings successful Executive Function skills straight into schools nationwide. Don’t worry, we’re a team of former teachers – we’ll help you integrate Executive Function skills into classroom curriculum without adding to your to-do list.

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Introducing BrainTracks

BrainTracks, a division of Beyond BookSmart, helps busy teachers manage their classrooms so that students are focused, motivated, and engaged. By infusing Executive Function-based strategies directly into instructional practice, already busy teachers enjoy the benefits of more focused and capable students without changing their curriculum. BrainTracks democratizes access to Executive Function skills that students need to be effective learners today and effective adults in the future.

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Bringing Executive Function skills into the classroom...

Helps students:

  • Regulate emotions and manage stress
  • Stay focused and engaged
  • Initiate and complete tasks on time
  • Increase independence and confidence

Helps educators:

  • Get back to what got them into teaching in the first place
  • Teach students how to self-regulate, initiate and complete tasks, and manage their time so they stay focused and engaged
  • Improve school rankings and test scores without student burnout

Helps parents:

  • Stop the homework battles after school
  • Share a problem-solving framework with their student that can be used in and out of school
  • Reduce stress in their relationship with their student

Our Approach

BrainTracks works directly with teachers and parents to help build an environment for student success, based on the proven success of Beyond BookSmart coaching. The expert team of educators at BrainTracks will work directly with your school for a series of professional development workshops, covering:

  1. What Executive Function skills are, why they matter, and a framework for thinking about them as an educator
  2. Learning to implement Executive Function Skill approaches, tools, and strategies in direct instruction
  3. Recognizing classroom behaviors as expressions of Executive Function skills and identifying specific EF skills that students need to be successful in every part of a lesson
  4. Supporting student Executive Function success in the classroom so that students feel motivated, engaged, self-regulated, and on-task
  5. How to use Executive Function skills to support student self-reflection and assessment outcomes
  6. How parents and guardians can support and encourage these skills at home
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"BrainTracks helped teachers to take a step back and look at the broader issues that may be affecting students' success in many areas.

Curriculum and instruction are addressed in each of the workshops, allowing teachers to weave tools and strategies directly into the everyday lessons. The workshops provided concrete strategies that teachers can use immediately."

Martha Millison
School Counselor, Green Woods Charter School, Philadelphia, PA

Meet the
BrainTracks team

We’re a team of experienced educators – teachers, principals, administrators, and parents. We’ve been in your shoes and envisioned a better way to approach teaching and learning that allows teachers to do what they do best – teach.

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Free Executive Function Toolkit

Download our toolkit filled with Executive Function resources and tools to support your classroom management. 

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