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What do we do?
Beyond BookSmart offers Executive Function coaching to help children and adults improve their lives and achieve daily goals at school, work, and home with one-on-one, virtual coaching.

How do we do that?
Our coaching methods help clients learn and apply Executive Function skills. Our coaching methods are evidence-based and have flourished from the nearly 20 years of insights gained from successful client coaching.

What are Executive Function skills?
Executive Function skills are life management skills that we all need in order to be effective in planning, initiating, and achieving daily goals at home, in school, and in the workplace. They are trainable and coachable with time and the right tools.

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BBS Coaching: What to Expect

Custom coach matching

  • We’ll match you or your child with an expert coach based on age, needs, background, and goals.
  • Our coaches hold at least master’s degrees or equivalent, have proven success records, must pass the BBS exam following our proprietary training program, and engage in continued professional development.
  • We employ 250+ coaches across the United States, because we know each individual has unique needs. We promise you’ll be delighted with your coach or we’ll rematch you for free.

Personalized goal setting

  • Your coach will work with you and/or your child to understand your needs and create a holistic and customized set of goals and a clear plan to get there.
  • Our coaches are trained to work with individuals with ADHD, and those without, from elementary school through adulthood.
  • Your coach will use evidence-based, best practices to design goals that are effective for your circumstances and personal mindset.

Weekly coaching sessions

  • With weekly, virtual one-on-one coaching sessions you’ll work with your coach to learn how to organize, plan, prioritize, manage time, maintain focus, self-assess, work productively, and improve your relationships.
  • Our coaches are equipped with more than 375 of the most effective tools, apps, and strategies in the industry and will work with you to hand-select, learn, and practice the strategies that work best for you.
  • Our approach to coaching is evidence-backed, has been tested over 18 years, and more than 250,000 hours of effective coaching.

What is Executive Function coaching?

Executive Function coaching teaches people how to successfully navigate the challenges of school and adult life.

Why Beyond BookSmart for coaching?


Expert Coaches

Our coaches hold at least a master’s degree or equivalent, have proven success records, and must pass our coach training following their proprietary training program. Beyond BookSmart has 250+ full-time employed coaches who are dedicated to the success of their clients.  


Customized Coaching

Every individual has unique needs. While our evidence-based methodology and proven approaches are applied consistently, coaching success is defined between coach and client.


Relationship Focus

Once we understand your specific needs and priorities, you are matched with the best-fit coach from our 250+ on staff. Our coach match guarantee ensures that you have a strong relationship as the foundation of your coaching journey.


Best in Class

We designed our Executive Function coaching program from unmatched research, experience, and educational expertise. Nearly 20 years later, we continue to learn from insights and build a legacy of helping individuals of all ages achieve daily goals.



Our coaches have ongoing access to training, research, evidence-based approaches, and ever-evolving tools and techniques to improve coaching sessions. Real-time, consistent practice is a cornerstone of coaching sessions at Beyond BookSmart.

An inside look at a BBS Coaching Session

Every virtual coaching session looks different based on age and unique goals. Here’s an inside look at an example coaching session:

Icon Check-In

After catching up on how you’re doing mentally and emotionally, your coach checks in with you on any events that have happened since you last spoke. This could be personal events or school assignments.

“I’ve had a pretty good week – I did really well in my Track Meet! But it feels like my school work is starting to pile up now, I’m starting to feel overwhelmed”

Icon Review

After working through anything that may have come up during your check-in, your coach will likely review any commitments you made from the prior week to help you build accountability, remember objectives, celebrate successes, and reflect on challenges.

"I was pretty good about remembering to try box breathing exercises when I felt out of control this week. It definitely helped. I think I could make a stronger commitment to breathing through challenges next week”

Icon Prioritize

Next, your coach might help you prioritize the week ahead, or specific tasks or objectives you might be struggling with.

“I could really use some help figuring out where to start on this science project I was just assigned”

Icon Practice

Your coach will work with you, hands-on, to understand and untie whatever knot you might need extra support with.

“That makes a lot of sense. I really like how we made a shared Google Doc, listed out all of the components of the assignment, and planned backwards starting from the due date instead of starting from today. I’m going to try that with some of my other assignments this week so I can stay on top of my schedule!”

Icon Reflect

Next, you’ll look back on what you accomplished during that session.

“Practicing more breathing techniques made me feel like I had more tools to work with for if I get overwhelmed this week, and I feel much better about my science assignment now that I know what I have to do on which days.”

Icon Commit

Before wrapping up the session, you’ll decide what you can commit to practicing in the coming week.

“I have one other assignment on my plate this week for English class. I’m going to apply that same planning structure to that assignment”

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