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Online Open House: Meet Our Coaches!

On-demand webinar

Find out why parents trust Beyond BookSmart to listen to their student's needs and preferences and match them with a coach who will help them reach their goals. Meet a sampling of our coaches who represent a wide range of backgrounds, interests, and specialties available to work with your student. Learn how our coaches develop connections with students that pave the way for growth and change.

All registrants receive our Executive Function Info Kit complete with our coaches' top tips for building rapport with students and a link to the webinar recording.

Open House

Back to Campus: Preparing College Students for Success

On-demand webinar

Whether your college student is a first-year or heading back to campus to continue their studies, re-entry to a more typical college life presents a range of challenges now that pandemic restrictions are lifting. Students need to be prepared to manage their time, find balance between work and socializing, actively engage with instructors and peers, and plan their days to accommodate travel time to classes, among other important shifts. Our panel of experts in Executive Function, Psychiatry, and Educational Consulting share their best tips to help students successfully transition to on-campus college life. Bring your questions for our panel!

PDF of our panelists' tips included with your free registration!

Back to Campus: Preparing College Students for Success

Building Healthy Routines: Helping Students Help Themselves

On-demand recording

Whether it’s sleep, grooming, maintaining personal space, adhering to medication schedules, self-advocacy in school or relationships, or nutrition and exercise, students benefit from establishing routines that help them become increasingly independent over time. Our panel of experts in Executive Function, psychology, Occupational Therapy, and more share their best tips to help parents encourage self-care habits that will form the basis of a successful transition to adulthood.

PDF of our panelists' tips included with your free registration!

Building Healthy Routines How to Help Students Help Themselves (7)

Why Your Child Isn't Addicted to Homework

Free webinar for parents

Join our 45-minute panel presentation with Dr. Clifford Sussman, psychiatrist and expert in internet and video game addiction, and Executive Function expert Michael Delman. Learn how to determine when screen time is a serious problem for your child and the systems, strategies, and structures you can put in place that can help your child achieve balance. Bring your questions for the panel.

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A Personalized Process for Sustainable Success

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