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Beyond BookSmart’s one-on-one, virtual Executive Function Coaching helps every student feel confident, at ease, and in control at school, with friends, and at home. 

We help students of all ages develop Executive Function skills with one-on-one coaching that allows them to feel calm, initiate tasks, stay organized, maintain attention, and exceed their academic, social, and life goals.

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Beyond Academic Achievement

Executive Function Coaching for students goes beyond academic engagement and achievement. Our expert team of 250+ coaches understands the intricacies of each distinct stage in a student’s life, and how struggles with Executive Function skills can extend well beyond the classroom.

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Elementary School Students:

  • Understand emotions and apply skills to cope with strong emotions
  • Develop organizational systems and become independent with daily routines
  • Learn and apply strategies to start and persist challenging work
  • Self-reflect and take ownership of commitments and habits
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Middle School Students:

  • Self-regulate strong emotions
  • Initiate tasks and maintain attention
  • Learn approaches for challenging work and develop systems to start and complete assignments on time
  • Gain insights into what motivates them and improve productivity without overwhelm
  • Study and take tests effectively
  • Advocate for themselves with teachers and peers
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High School Students:

  • Self-regulate strong emotions and maintain helpful self-care routines
  • Manage time effectively and stay organized with multiple long-term assignments
  • Initiate and maintain attention in class and on assignments independently
  • Develop and maintain personalized systems to approach challenges using knowledge of what motivates them, what technology may be helpful, and what organizational techniques work for them
  • Advocate for themselves with teachers and peers
  • Prepare for a successful post high-school transition
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College & Graduate Students:

  • Personalize and maintain organizational systems that support increased freedom and decreased accountability in a college setting
  • Improve social relationship building and communication
  • Decrease overwhelm and improve confidence in ability to cope with challenges
  • Plan for the future and improve interviewing skills
  • Find and maintain balance in academic and personal life

Executive Function coaching in the summer!

Summer break is a great time for students to relax and recharge, but it can also be a time for academic regression. Nearly all students deal with the dreaded “summer slide,” but neurodivergent children diagnosed with ADHD are oftentimes more affected than others.

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Which Executive Function skill is your student's biggest blindspot?

Take our short assessment and receive free resources to help support your student's #1 Executive Function challenge area. 

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If ADHD is impacting academic performance, relationships, or overall quality of life, our highly qualified team can help! Initiating tasks, managing time, planning, organizing, regulating emotions, or even remembering instructions can be difficult if you have ADHD. Executive Function Coaching will give you the tools you need to better manage your ADHD symptoms and improve your daily life management.

Our coaches have extensive experience working with students with ADHD at all ages and can work collaboratively with parents and schools to reinforce skill development, and provide support for IEP and 504 plan requirements.

ADHD Support For Students

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Student Coaching: What to Expect

Custom coach matching

  • We’ll match you or your child with an expert coach based on age, needs, background, and goals.
  • Our coaches hold at least master’s degrees or equivalent, have proven success records, must pass the BBS assessment following our proprietary training program, and engage in continued professional development.
  • We employ 250+ coaches across the United States because we know each individual has unique needs. We promise you’ll be delighted with your coach or we’ll rematch you for free.

Personalized goal setting

  • Your coach will work with you and/or your child to understand your needs and create a holistic and customized set of goals and a clear plan to get there.
  • Our coaches are trained to work with individuals with ADHD, and those without, from elementary school through adulthood.
  • Your coach will use evidence-based, best practices to design goals that are effective for your circumstances and personal mindset.

Weekly coaching sessions

  • With weekly, virtual one-on-one coaching sessions you’ll work with your coach to learn how to organize, plan, prioritize, manage time, maintain focus, self-assess, work productively, and improve your relationships.
  • Our coaches are equipped with more than 375 of the most effective tools, apps, and strategies in the industry and will work with you to hand-select, learn, and practice the strategies that work best for you.
  • Our approach to coaching is evidence-backed, has been tested over 18 years, and more than 250,000 hours of effective coaching.

Our Approach

Beyond BookSmart has spent nearly 20 years coaching individuals and families on Executive Function skills, helping people learn and apply these life management skills to find success and ease at home, at school, and at work. With practice, students will learn to ask and proactively address the following questions:

  1. Present:  Am I ready to be doing the work?
  2. Clear:  Am I clear on what I am going to tackle right now?
  3. Organized:  Do I have the plan, the study environment, and the resources on hand to get the job done?
  4. Engaged:  Am I good to start and able to stay focused?
  5. On track:  Am I still heading in the right direction, and can I do this in an even better way?
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Shireen's story

Discover the transformative impact of Executive Function coaching through the heartfelt words of one of our parents. Watch as she shares how personalized guidance has helped her son excel in school and beyond.

Meet the Beyond BookSmart team

Our team is proudly made up of professionals across education, psychology, neuroscience, and special education who work collaboratively to meet individual student needs, and to work with parents as needed to support skill development.

All 250+ Beyond BookSmart coaches have at least a master’s degree, proven success records, must pass the BBS coaching exam following a fully-paid proprietary training program, and actively participate in ongoing professional development training. 

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When your child struggles, so do you. Our coaches work directly with parents & families to address the multitude of needs that a family with Executive Function challenges may face. Executive Function skills are life management skills that we all need in order to be effective in planning, initiating, and achieving daily goals at home, in school, and in the workplace. They are trainable and coachable with time and the right tools.

For students actively enrolled in our coaching programs, we work with parents for 15-minute, monthly check-ins to provide consistent updates, track progress, and fine-tune. If you think your child might not be ready for one-on-one Executive Function coaching, but you want to have a more proactive role in their support, we also work with parents independently through 30-minute coaching sessions.

For Parents

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Check out our brief info session to learn more about Executive Function coaching for students.

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