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We are experts in Executive Function, providing customized and comprehensive support for students and adults since 2006.

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Meet the Beyond BookSmart Leadership Team

Michael Delman, CEO

Michael provides the guiding vision for Beyond BookSmart and has pioneered our revolutionary approach to teaching students Executive Function skills.

Rachel Krompinger, COO

Rachel orchestrates all essential operations at Beyond BookSmart: from client services to coach development and research, she ensures a positive experience for all.

Larry Kramer, CFO

As the Chief Financial Officer of Beyond BookSmart, Larry provides daily tactical and strategic insight to the valued activities of our mission-driven business.

Jackie Hebert, Director of Marketing and Communications

Jackie oversees our website content and all related messaging to create a clear, accurate, and informative picture of the transformative process of coaching.

John Frank, PhD, Director of Professional Development

John oversees the development of coaching resources and promotes quality control among coaches and supervisors through the use of data tracking and analysis. 

Teresa Zawacki-Chapman, Director of Sales

Teresa oversees our Outreach Coordinators and Client Services Team, ensuring that referring professionals and prospective clients are provided with compassionate, informed service.

Meet the Operations and Professional Development Team

Lisa Cambra, Director of Human Resources

Lisa brings a wealth of Human Resources experience to her role at Beyond BookSmart, where she is dedicated to addressing the needs of each staff member.

Tricia Butler, Operations Manager

Tricia is the hub of Beyond BookSmart, overseeing processes including helping families learn more about coaching and connecting new clients with our coaches.

Annabel Furber, Lead Research Coordinator

Annabel leads our research initiatives into the efficacy of Executive Function coaching. Additionally, she designs and implements our online coach training.

Jackie Reilly, Operations Team Coordinator

As part of our Operations Team, Jackie works with our Coaching Coordinators and Intake Coordinators in finding the best coaching support to meet our clients' needs.

Jessica Clancy, Supervision Manager

Jessica Clancy oversees and mentors our team of supervisors who support our coaches.

Krissy Metzler, Coaching Coordinator Manager

Krissy Metzler oversees and mentors our team of coaching coordinators who support our families

Neal Elliott, Professional Development Specialist

Neal Elliott supports the development of resources for our team of coaches.

Meet the Client Services and Outreach Team

Janey Roth, Lead Client Services Coordinator

As our Client Services Coordinator, Janey is the first person that most of our prospective families speak with. Janey listens to a student’s challenges and then assists parents in finding the best coaching support to meet their needs.

Kai Simon, Client Services Coordinator

As part of our Client Services team, Kai is the first person that some of our prospective families speak with. Kai listens to a student’s challenges and then assists parents in finding the best coaching support to meet their needs.

Jackie DeGroot, Client Services Coordinator and Outreach Assistant in MA

Jackie maintains connections with professionals who refer clients to Beyond BookSmart. She also speaks with prospective clients to help them determine if coaching is a good fit for their needs.

Merrianne Minnich, Outreach Coordinator in New England

Merrianne (Merri) connects with referring professionals throughout New England. She shares resources and leads staff presentations to help clinicians best serve the needs of students and adults with Executive Function challenges.

Rose Saluti, Outreach Coordinator in DE, MD, DC, VA, NC, SC, & FL

Rose establishes connections to referring professionals in DE, MD, DC, VA, NC, SC, and FL to educate and inform them about Beyond BookSmart's online Executive Function coaching services.

Angela Molloy, Outreach Coordinator in IL

Angela forges relationships with referring professionals throughout the Greater Chicagoland area. She leads staff presentations to help clinicians best serve the needs of their clients with Executive Function challenges.

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