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Our Executive Function Coaches: Backgrounds and Training that Families Trust



Superior Qualifications and Training

At Beyond BookSmart, all of our coaches have master’s degrees (or equivalent) or higher and have rich and varied backgrounds. Most are current or former special education teachers, speech and language pathologists, classroom teachers or school psychologists. All have experience working one-to-one with students.

Our coaches understand the importance of trust when working with children. Prior to being hired, all coaches undergo extensive background checks, multiple interviews, and a written assessment. Our coaches are trained experts in Executive Functioning and how to best meet the unique needs of students with ADHD, as well as students with a variety of different learning styles and challenges. After our highly selective hiring process, coaches complete rigorous proprietary training in our Reach, Teach, Reflect, and Release model, as well as exams on our material. They gain extensive knowledge of Executive Functioning and access to our growing database of over 375 of the most effective apps, tools and strategies. These resources are indexed according to specific Executive Function skills and can be applied to a variety of academic tasks. Our coaches also engage in ongoing professional development, during which they fine tune their academic coaching strategies and their knowledge of the newest tools available to them.

In addition, our coaches are trained in an evidence-based model of behavior change whereby the coaches learn to identify a client’s mindset. Once a coach understands a client's mindset, the coach is better able to apply those tools and techniques that are tailored specifically to the individual's identified needs and that are geared toward the person's long-term success and independence.

The Value of 1:1 Coaching

The ability to work 1:1 with your child is an essential element of coaching, so we make sure that our coaches have the interpersonal skills necessary to be successful with your child. By working with your child online, coaches are able to meet virtually and safely with students in their own workspace where they work most comfortably, and engage with them effectively. Unlike parents and teachers, our coaches don’t assign grades or consequences based on a student’s behavior. Students value this unique relationship which allows them to connect with their coaches, who remain supportive and empathetic to the child’s mindset and circumstances. We provide this support online via Skype for flexibility in scheduling.  

Find out how Executive Function coaching can benefit your child.

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