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Our coaches understand the importance of trust when working with children and teens. At Beyond BookSmart, you have access to 200+ coaches specializing in behavioral health, education, psychology, and more! Each and every coach has received at least a master’s degree or equivalent and most are current or former special education teachers, speech and language pathologists, classroom teachers, or school psychologists. With such a diverse range of expertise, we guarantee you'll be matched with the perfect coach.


Coach Qualifications

  • All of our coaches have at least a master’s degree or equivalent, and have firsthand experience working one-on-one with students at a variety of ages and abilities
  • Prior to being hired, all coaches undergo extensive background checks, multiple interviews, and a written assessment
  • After our highly selective hiring process, coaches complete rigorous, paid, proprietary training in our coaching approach, and must pass a comprehensive exam
  • Our coaches are trained experts in Executive Functioning and how to best meet the unique needs of students with ADHD, as well as students with a variety of different learning styles and challenges
  • Our coaches also engage in ongoing professional development, during which they fine tune their academic coaching strategies and their knowledge of the newest tools available to them
  • Finally, our coaches are trained in an evidence-based model of behavior change whereby the coaches learn to identify a student’s mindset – enabling the coach to better tailor tools and techniques to the individual's identified needs, motivations, and preferences

Meet our Executive
Function Consultants


Karl Apelgren

EF Consultant

Marissa Edwards

EF Consultant

Cassandra Estey

EF Consultant
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Diane Hawley

EF Consultant
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Vin Kachurik

EF Consultant
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Christine Kellar

EF Consultant
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Mariam Mahmoud

EF Consultant
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Amy McDuffie

EF Consultant
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Heather Tuller

EF Consultant
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Lisa Wickenheiser

EF Consultant

The ability to work 1:1 with your child is an essential element of coaching, so we make sure that our coaches have the interpersonal skills necessary to be successful with your child. By working with your child online, coaches are able to meet virtually and safely with students in their own workspace where they work most comfortably, and engage with them effectively.

Unlike parents and teachers, our coaches don’t assign grades or consequences based on a student’s behavior. Students value this unique relationship which allows them to connect with their coaches, who remain supportive and empathetic to the child’s mindset and circumstances. We provide this support online for flexibility in scheduling.

The Value of
1:1 Coaching


We employ 300+ coaches across the United States.
Meet our featured coaches:

Junerose Juan, M.A., CCC-SLP, is a coach and Speech-Language Pathologist with experience working with students to improve functional skills for everyday life. She specializes in facilitating these achievements by helping students understand how planning and organization affect daily tasks, reflecting on what life balance means for them, and gaining insight into their strengths and challenges. After graduating with a degree in Speech-Language Pathology, Junerose went on to complete a clinical research fellowship at the Madison VA Geriatric Research, Educational, and Clinical Center where she applied her therapeutic executive function skill set to her team as they submitted proposals, worked in the clinic and prepared manuscripts. This validated her belief that executive function skills are critical all throughout one’s lifespan and that students building these skills are at the start of that lifelong success. This, combined with the vast repertoire of tools and strategies provided through our training and ongoing professional development within Beyond BookSmart equips Junerose to successfully coach students with a variety of learning needs.

Junerose Juan - MS CCC-LP

Junerose Juan

We employ 300+ coaches across the United States.
Meet our featured coaches:

Kaman Hung, D.HSc. Ed.S., M.Ed. M.S. is a coach and certified teacher with over a decade of teaching and coaching experience in both academic and non-academic settings. Dr. Hung specializes in helping individuals achieve their goals by developing their growth mindsets, organizational and study habits, and will work to prioritize goals and systematically target gaps in productivity, and foster an environment that will help his clients succeed. He is guided by the belief that positive habits cannot be learned until negative habits are unlearned. Kaman holds a Doctorate in Health Science (D.HSc) in Leadership and a Master of Science (M.S.) in Exercise Science from California University of Pennsylvania; a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Educational Technology from Lamar University; a Specialist in Education (Ed.S.) from Arkansas State University; a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Experiential Learning; and a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) with a dual major in Education and Communication from Kean University. Kaman has expertise in supporting individuals with diverse executive function challenges, as well as a deep understanding of the evidence-based methodology of behavior change.

Kaman Hung, D.HSc. Ed.S., M.Ed. M.S.

We employ 300+ coaches across the United States.
Meet our featured coaches:

Brittany Peterson is a college writing instructor, certified writing tutor, and senior executive function coach at Beyond BookSmart. She began her career in education at Quinnipiac University earning a Bachelor of Arts in English and Masters degree in Secondary Education. Brittany earned a second Masters degree in Composition and Rhetoric at the University of Massachusetts Boston. After graduating, she became a full-time lecturer at UMass Boston where she currently serves as the Assistant Director of Composition and teaches first-year composition to a diverse classroom culture including English Language Learners and nontraditional students from a variety of academic backgrounds. Brittany's experience with adult learners, diverse cultures, and a range of learning abilities has enabled her to become a flexible educator who is sensitive to individual learning needs and intrinsically invested in their educational success.

Brittany Peterson

Brittany Peterson Professional Headshot

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