How Coaching Works

Noah: 3rd Grader with ADHD and Anxiety

Noah is a bright, active boy who struggled with self-regulation of his emotions and behavior. His parents turned to coaching when those struggles started affecting both home and school functioning.

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Kelly: 5th Grader with Nonverbal Learning Disability

Kelly is an enthusiastic and resilient little girl who struggled to keep pace with increasing academic demands. She had trouble understanding the big picture in many situations.

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Maria: 7th Grader with a Mild Learning Delay

Popular and active, Maria was reluctant to seek out help due to a perceived social stigma. She struggled with writing and math and the demands of middle school.

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Jay: 8th Grader with ADHD

Jay's challenges with attention, organization, and writing left him feeling discouraged and resistant to his parents' help.

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Nate: 9th Grader with Poor Study Skills in Demanding Classes

Nate is a bright and disorganized boy who never had to work hard in school until freshman year.

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Olivia: 10th Grader with Time-Management Struggles

Olivia has attention challenges that interfere with her work habits and lead to late nights and poor sleep.

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Luke: 11th Grader with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Luke had significant anxiety, as well as trouble breaking down tasks and advocating for himself.

Case study 11, Luke

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Kevin: College Student with Perfectionism

Kevin is an intellectually gifted student whose perfectionistic style has hindered him from completing work and earning credit for classes.

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Sophie: College Student Needing Structure

An ambitious student, Sophie wanted greater independence from parental monitoring. She also struggled with self-doubt in her writing skills.

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Jack: College Student with Inefficient Habits

Jack was a high-achieving student without any diagnosed learning challenges — yet he struggled with time management and sustained attention.  

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Andrew: Adult Professional with Time-Management Challenges

Andrew was frustrated by leading meetings that were too long and having unproductive days filled with distractions. He wanted to learn better ways to manage his work responsibilities so he could spend more time with his family.

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Diane: Adult Professional with Lifelong Challenges

Diane is an insurance professional in her 50's whose lifelong challenges with organization, planning, and time management strained her family and work relationships.

Case Study: Diane

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