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Student Case Studies

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Case Study #2 Kelly
Case Study

Kelly: 5th Grader with Nonverbal Learning Disability

Kelly is an enthusiastic and resilient little girl who struggled to keep pace with increasing academ...

Case Study

Maria: 7th Grader with a Mild Learning Delay

Popular and active, Maria was reluctant to seek out help due to a perceived social stigma...

Case Study #3 Jay
Case Study

Jay: 8th Grader with ADHD

Jay's challenges with attention, organization, and writing left him feeling discouraged...

Case Study #5 Nate
Case Study

Nate: 9th Grader with Poor Study Skills in Tough Classes

Nate is a bright and disorganized boy who never had to work hard in school until freshman year.

Case Study #6 Olivia
Case Study

Olivia: 10th Grader with Time-Management Struggles

Olivia has attention challenges that interfere with her work habits and lead to late nights and poor...

Case Study

Luke: 11th Grader with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Luke had significant anxiety, as well as trouble breaking down tasks and advocating for himself.

Case Study #7 Kevin-1
Case Study

Kevin: College Student with Perfectionism

Kevin is an intellectually gifted student whose perfectionistic style has hindered him...

Case Study

Sophie: College Student Needing Structure

An ambitious student, Sophie wanted greater independence from parental monitoring...

Case Study #8 Jack
Case Study

Jack: College Student with Inefficient Habits

Jack was a high-achieving student without any diagnosed learning challenges...

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