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Summer Executive Function Coaching

Summer EF coaching

A break from academics is the perfect time to learn and master new lifelong skills.

Summer is an excellent time for Executive Function coaching. Unlike the school year when sessions typically revolve around helping students with their academic demands, summer provides a more low-stress environment for students to work on their EF skills. Because there are less urgent priorities over the summer, this is a terrific opportunity for students to apply their coaching toward areas that are meaningful to them. Whether it’s preparing for the new school year, making a plan to complete summer reading or learning packets, or working on a passion project, summer coaching has proven to have countless unique benefits for the thousands of students we've worked with.

Summer coaching offers students a chance to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of Executive Functions and how they impact their learning
  • Strengthen the coach/student relationship without academic pressure
  • Reflect on the previous school year to celebrate successes and identify areas for continued growth
  • Prepare for a positive school transition next year with more confidence and comfort in facing new levels of challenge
  • Organize neglected belongings - files, folders, backpack, room, etc.
  • Tackle summer school work or summer reading - planning and follow-through
  • Devote extra time to work on areas of weakness in whatever context feels important to the student
  • Preview and review materials for the Fall in challenging academic areas
  • Establish both summer and school year goals

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Summer Coaching for High School and College Students

For high school and college students in particular, summer provides an opportunity to get a head start within a number of important areas. Some of the priorities we’ve seen our clients work on over the summer include: 

  • College application and essay preparation for the year ahead for rising seniors
  • Passion projects proposed by the student
  • Community Service plans and implementation
  • Driver’s Ed preparation 
  • Create plans for securing internships
  • College readiness preparation (how to manage unstructured time, self advocate, anticipate challenges, etc.)
  • Build career readiness skills
  • Transition from home to dorm, or dorm to apartment
  • Help to create a work/life balance for post-college students/adults

Top 10 Reasons Our Clients Use Summer Coaching

  1. To focus coaching on one specific Executive Function skill and to develop that skill without the pressure of a full academic workload and after school activities
  2. To work on summer reading, develop reading comprehension skills, and learn how to write an outstanding book report
  3. To secure an Executive Function coach in advance for the upcoming school year and to develop (or maintain) a great working relationship with their coach
  4. To create a game plan, establish new habits, and learn new tools & strategies in order to be successful in the coming school year 
  5. To ensure that your student is prepared and confident to prioritize and handle any and all homework, projects, and tests when fall arrives and the workload seems overwhelming
  6. To help your student establish summer goals or a parent/child summer contract, and learn about goal directed persistence in order to achieve those goals
  7. To help your student research an internship, job, colleges, or start writing college essays.
  8. To establish an organizational system to be used throughout the year. Your student can organize their room, backpack, binders, and be totally prepared for school before it starts.
  9. To help research and plan your student's community service project or any personal project
  10. To help college students choose classes and establish goals and a schedule for the fall semester

Find out how Summer Executive Function coaching can benefit your child, yourself, or another adult in your life.

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