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Executive Function Strategies for Success
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Executive Functioning Presentation Testimonials:

Executive Functioning Presentations by Michael Delman

“I was inspired by Michael Delman’s workshop on Executive Functioning at the recent GISHA conference. Michael brought great enthusiasm and an innovative approach to supporting students with Executive Function challenges. The tool kit I left with could immediately be applied in the classroom, and I put it to use the next day!  I highly recommend this workshop for schools and professional development programs."
Amy Brickman, M.Ed., Special Education Coordinator

“I wanted to thank you for your engaging keynote presentation.  It was apparent that it was a success by the number of people who followed you to your workshop. Everyone was enthralled and some totally self-identified commenting, 'That’s me he’s describing!'   I’ve seen many keynotes, but few are able to get everyone so involved. You got everyone’s attention and maintained it throughout.  I was sorry that it had to end.  We all could have listened to you for another hour."
Sandy Miller-Jacobs, Ed.D, Hebrew College

“Your workshop for parents was well-received by all who attended. The evaluation sheets were excellent across the board, and parent emails were highly complimentary of your presentation and the useful information you provided. I even had a visit and thank you from the principal! I would very much like to offer our staff a workshop related to Executive Functioning as part of their professional development."
Cindi Bucken, Guidance, Nipmuc Regional High School, Upton

"Michael Delman attended one of our sophomore class meetings to ask us how we define ourselves. We talked about the differences of adults and children and how these qualities apply to ourselves as 15-16 year olds. We also learned about what colleges look for in essays, which will help us in the next few years! It was an amazing presentation that helped our class learn about citizenship, how we label ourselves, and how that affects our outlook on our lives."
Shannon, High School Sophomore, Walnut Hill School for the Arts

Executive Function Presentation

Executive Functioning Presentation by Sheryl Seef

“I feel that I gave our parents a gift with this presentation. Our children face so many challenges in this fast-paced world, so for parents to go home with strategies to help their children with organization and prioritization is a real blessing.”
Dr. Anne Lidsky, Director of Education, Temple Jeremiah

"Sheryl did a wonderful job introducing us to Executive Functioning. She is very knowledgeable and gave great examples and resources. She broke down information so it's understandable."
Parent attendee


Executive Functioning Presentations by Jackie Stachel

“Thank you so much, Jackie.  You were a wealth of knowledge and everyone present benefited from your explanations of the 11 challenges of Executive Function both in the classroom and out in the community. Changing the mindset will really help with the older, more rigid kids and kids who have had a lifetime of therapies. I have attended many EF seminars, and yours was the most helpful.”
Diane Herth, Co-Chair of Cohasset SEPAC

"Excellent! Best lecture on Executive Functioning that I have attended."
Parent who attended Cohasset SEPAC presentation


Mass MENTOR Training by Michael Delman

“Mass Mentoring Partnership and over 40 mentoring programs across Massachusetts have been fortunate enough to get to work with Michael Delman from Beyond BookSmart. Through three highly enriching workshops, he generously worked with our community of mentoring programs in building our capacity to better understand how to support young people in improving their attitudes towards school and learning. Through a perfect balance of theory, practical strategies, tools and simulations, Michael created an incredibly rich learning environment during his workshops that brought to life some of the invaluable concepts around Executive Functioning and motivation that help our programs meet young people where they are at to help them move forward in their academics and self-efficacy. He has been nothing but a pleasure to work with, travelling across the state to conduct these workshops and we can’t thank him enough for donating his time and expertise to bring this content, which is an excellent fit for the mentoring field, to life for us and the programs we work with.”  

Nate Baum, Manager of Training and Technical Assistance, Mass MENTOR Partnership

“So many helpful hints as to how to motivate even the most timid and reluctant students! Thank you!”  

Program participant, Boys' and Girls' Clubs, MENTOR affiliate

“Enjoyed how the concepts were broken down into do-able, easy steps that we can pass on to our mentors immediately.”  

Program participant, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, MENTOR affiliate