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Executive Function coaching based in research, experience, and evidence for success.

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Reach, Teach, Reflect, & Release

Coaches at Beyond BookSmart use 4 steps - Reach, Teach, Reflect, and Release - when working with clients. These steps help students improve their study skills, time management, organization, and other executive function skills, so that they can better manage their work in school, in the workplace, and in daily life.


First, we establish a connection with a client as an individual. We reach clients by listening to their perspectives and understanding their attitudes. We gain an appreciation for both their strengths as well as their challenges.


Next, we teach clients how to use the best tools for the job. Coaches have hundreds of solutions at their fingertips to meet clients’ needs and personal preferences.


After we teach clients new strategies, our coaches help clients gain insight and accountability as they reflect on results. Reflection encourages self-awareness and ownership of new habits.


Finally, coaches move clients toward increasing independence. When clients have achieved their goals in coaching, our goal is to release a confident person who can apply what they’ve learned in coaching to all aspects of their life.

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