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Workshops & Presentations for Teachers and Parents

Staff Training for Teachers

Beyond BookSmart offers Executive Function skills workshops for teachers and school staff. We provide both seminar and workshop in-service training based on best practices and current research in the field of Executive Function skills. Led by one of our senior level coaches, training consists of direct instruction, observation and modeling, whole group discussion, assigned readings, viewing videotapes, and collaborative investigations. Teachers learn new tools and approaches that allow them to effectively integrate new understandings of the relationship between Executive Function skills and academic success into their teaching practice. The length of our educator workshops varies from 90 minutes to 3 hours. 

Presentations for Parents

We also offer 60-90 minute presentations for parent groups. Parents learn about Executive Function development and the specific Executive Function skills that students need to be successful. Led by one of our senior level coaches, these interactive presentations include many tips and tools that parents can use to help their children manage their academic demands more effectively. 

Rachel Kalinsky provided a wonderful training opportunity for our parents. Rachel's presentation was professional and engaging. She explained Executive Functioning in terms the audience understood. In addition, Rachel provided parents with information "nuggets" that they could implement to support their children in organizing homework, etc.. I look forward to the next time Rachel presents for our parents.  
Robin Lowe
North Shore Christian School

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