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Our Client Portal

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Beyond BookSmart provides access to a custom-built, online “portal” where all session information is recorded and our 200 tools are sorted for coaches by both the academic focus area (e.g. reading or test prep) and the Executive Function challenge being addressed (e.g. attention, planning and prioritizing, organization). When coaching begins, the coaching priorities identified at the intake are entered into the portal. For each session, the coach recaps progress and obstacles since the previous session, the priorities and focus of the work during the session, the tools introduced during the session, and the commitment that the student has made for the upcoming week. The Beyond BookSmart portal serves as a guide for coaches, a communication tool with parents and students, and a record of priorities, tools, and progress.

We recognize that you are sharing personal and confidential information, and we respect and protect your records and information.  Any information that you provide to us (testing, school reports, initial intake paperwork) is only shared with the coach, the intake coordinator, our Chief Operations Officer (to match your child to a coach that's the best fit) and our Administrative Assistant (who adds new clients into our proprietary portal).  When you leave Beyond BookSmart, your records are deleted or returned to you. Additionally, upon hiring, all of our coaches sign a statement that explicitly prohibits them from sharing any information about clients.

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