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Beyond Booksmart
Executive Function Strategies for Success
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What is Executive Function coaching?

Executive Function coaching is a specialized and highly effective type of academic coaching that teaches students the skills they need to become successful, independent learners. At Beyond BookSmart, our focus is to prepare students for an increasingly complex world by providing them the keys to productivity and independence. Unlike traditional tutoring, we use current academic challenges as a springboard to teach the skills necessary for long-term success in school and beyond. Our Executive Function coaches are educators, school psychologists, or speech & language pathologists with master's degrees or higher with extensive experience supporting students with ADHD and Executive Function challenges. We offer personalized solutions to help students with homework, reading, writing, test prep, and other academic challenges. We even work with students who might be resistant to change. Within our website, you will find written and video testimonials from parents and professionals who recommend our services. You will also find helpful ADHD resources, presentations for parentsworkshops for teachers, and our blog filled with tools, tips and strategies to help support students with Executive Function challenges.
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What do parents get out of Executive Function coaching for children?

Peace of Mind

“I now have a sense of hope and I can rest so much easier. With [Executive Function] coaching from Beyond BookSmart, my daughter has really learned how to change her language [and thinking] from saying “I can’t do it.” to saying “Yeah, I can do this.”

- Risa Greendlinger, Greater Boston Area, MA

An Investment that Pays for Itself (see video at the top of the page)

“Beyond BookSmart gets it. They understand the needs of a student with Executive Functioning challenges and different learning style. So what Beyond BookSmart does is match the student with a particular coach, where they think there'll be some good energy. They also follow up with questions and updates [for parents] and [checking in to] make sure that the relationship is working well. One of the most important things that I would say to a parent considering using Beyond BookSmart is that you get what you pay for. I'll be honest. It's among the most expensive organizations providing academic coaching that we've considered, but it's 100% worth it. It's like the Mercedes of academic coaching. And I can't think of a better way to utilize resources than to help my son, which this certainly did.”

- John Hallal, Greater Boston Area, MA

What do students get out of Executive Function coaching?

Executive Functioning Strategies for a Lifetime of Success

Executive Function Coaching has been a lifesaver for our teen son. He is very bright, creative and talented but he struggles with the multiple demands of high school work and had not been able to keep up with the pace of school life. Once he began getting Executive Function coaching from Beyond BookSmart, we saw a tremendous gain in his ability to manage the work expected for his grade level. Knowing that he had a trusted resource to turn to [his coach], made him a more cheerful person and gave him a sense of empowerment. Coaching is not just for ‘failing students.’  It is for students who want to learn to be the best they can be with a set of tools that will carry them through life in both the work world and the social world.  Everyone can benefit from a coach who can help you look at your learning style and help you work more efficiently to enjoy life with greater ease and flow. However, students who struggle with Executive Function Disorder [or ADHD], really do need a coach who understands this learning style difference and can help in a positive and motivating manner.”

-Parent of 9th grade student, Boston, MA 

"Rachel has been my [Executive Function] coach since December of 2013.  Since then, we have been meeting once a week during the school year. She has good ideas and is able to listen to me with empathy and understanding. We have worked on physical organization, time management, setting priorities, stress, and study habits. Every week we organize my bag, go through helpful strategies, planning out the week, and reviewing what I need to work on.  Since December of 2013, I have definitely improved in all of the above and I really enjoy working with her and I highly recommend her."

-11th grader, Boston, MA

Building Confidence

“Jason has been working with Beyond BookSmart getting Executive Function coaching for about a year now. And the biggest change that I would say that we've seen is [in his] confidence. A confidence in the way that he approaches his work and his studies...and when they've worked together, while it may have been focused around history or one specific study, the key is that they've really taught him great skills that he can then transfer to his other classes. So it's not that we've seen that in just one class, we see it across all of his studies. And the school has really noticed the improvement [in his academic performance] also.”

- David Robbins, Boston, MA

Click to see a video testimonial and read other parent testimonials about our Executive Function coaching.


What do we get out of Executive Function coaching?

The Joy of Empowering and Transforming Students

"I believe in Executive Function coaching.  I believe in teaching students specific and tailored strategies to help them in the present, but also for the future. With coaching, I can apply a laser beam focus on the student and help them see and utilize their strengths and unique perspectives. I coach students because nothing brings me more professional satisfaction than seeing a student take a skill or strategy and apply it beyond the original context and own it for themselves.  It brings immense joy to know that the student is learning how to learn. Nothing feels more rewarding than witnessing a student transform and to see them become more independent and motivated to reach their personal goals. There is no greater feeling than knowing I have armed a student with the exact strategies they need and with the skills to develop new strategies as their life progresses. Coaching is a huge investment of time, action, thought, and reflection, but as with all good investments, the payouts are worth every step of the journey."

- Annabel Furber, Senior Executive Function Coach

“It’s amazing to watch the students I coach change from week to week. I enjoy the relationships that I build with my students and their families. I love being able to work with students at all different stages of development – academically, socially and emotionally – and yet all with the same purpose to increase their potential. It is very gratifying when I see a student generalize and incorporate a skill that I taught them in one context into different facets of their lives; it’s an incredible feeling to know that they will have that skill forever. Transforming students’ lives is fun for me. It's truly remarkable to be given the opportunity to be a part of helping students transform.”

- Rachel Krompinger, Senior Executive Function Coach

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