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When your child struggles, so do you.

When your child struggles, so do you

It hurts to see your child want success but not have the tools and skills to meet their demands at school - and at home. Families have turned to us for over 16 years to help their children learn how to be organized, productive, and confident. Find out how coaching can change your child's life - and yours - for the better.

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I can tell you without a moment's hesitation that our daughter's and our relationship with Beyond BookSmart is one of the best things that we have ever done with regard to helping her grow as a person and a student. We are thrilled with all aspects of her Executive Function coaching so far, and look forward to continued interaction and growth in the coming year. Thank you so much!

Mother of high school sophomore

Arlington, MA

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When I heard about Beyond BookSmart, I not only jumped at the opportunity to take advantage of it, but knew I had to spread the word based on the discussions I’ve had with many other moms about our children. They match your child with an Executive Function coach, who helps the student develop important skills that I just don’t think our schools have done a great job teaching.  Those skills include test preparationtime managementorganizational skills and more--basically, everything our kids need outside of the substantive subject matter taught at school in order to thrive academically.

L. Cohen, mother of middle school student

Chicago IL

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Our daughter loved her Skype sessions. Over time, Rachel helped our daughter become more aware of her good and bad work habits, and overcome some of her more difficult challenges. She developed a homework schedule and daily routine and after a short while, getting school work done (or getting anything done) just happened more easily. Our daughter's grades went up and I got great feedback from her teachers.

Mother of a 4th grader in Germany

From NY, NY

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Executive Function Coaching has been a lifesaver for our teen son. Once he began getting Executive Function coaching from Beyond BookSmart, we saw a tremendous gain in his ability to manage the work expected for his grade level. Knowing that he had a trusted resource to turn to (his coach), made him a more cheerful person and gave him a sense of empowerment. Coaching is not just for ‘failing students.’ It is for students who want to learn to be the best they can be with a set of tools that will carry them through life in both the work world and the social world. Students who struggle with Executive Function Disorder really do need a coach who understands this learning style difference and can help in a positive and motivating manner [such that] the student begins to believe in the infinite possibilities that are within them.

Parent of 9th grade

Student, MA

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Michael, thank you for teaching me many new tools for helping me in school this year! I have enjoyed taking in your knowledge and using it as my own now. You are the first person who was ever really able to make me understand things that I needed help on. I have also felt that you have been a very nice person to me because you were always open to listening to what I was struggling with in school. Thank you.

6th grader

Acton, MA

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I have been working with my coach at Beyond BookSmart since the summer before college. As a college student, organization and forming a routine that works for me has been integral to my success at school. Skype coaching was an incredible way to work on my study and writing skills without spending the extra time of going to and from an office or meeting place. Since starting my Skype coaching, I have become more confident and time efficient with my work, which can be seen in my grades and new sense of satisfaction I get when I get my work done in advance rather than cramming the entire night before a big test or due date of a paper. I highly recommend Skype coaching with Beyond Book Smart and am grateful for all that I have gained from my coaching sessions.

College junior


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Rachel has been my Executive Function coach since December of 2013. Since then, we have been meeting once a week during the school year. She has good ideas and is able to listen to me with empathy and understanding. We have worked on physical organizationtime managementsetting prioritiesstress, and study habits. Every week we organize my bag, go through helpful strategies, planning out the week, and reviewing what I need to work on. I have definitely improved in all of the above and I really enjoy working with her.

11th grader


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How We Help: Our Four-Step Process

At Beyond BookSmart, we work with you to make learning easy. Our Executive Function coaches provide online video sessions. While each session is unique to your needs, our methodology remains consistent:

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We work to connect to the individual and the family
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We teach how to apply tools for real-world challenges
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We help build insight, self-awareness, and accountability
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We help move students toward independence and confidence
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