Building Life Skills

Greater Executive Function skills mean greater success and enjoyment in life far beyond the classroom.

What is Executive Function Coaching?
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Coaching Builds More Than Just School Skills

While coaching often uses school demands as the soil for Executive Function growth, many parents seek us out when their child struggles with non-academic areas such as building healthy habits of self-care, hygiene, grooming, and independent living. 


As coaches, we’re focused on building life-long skills. Our coaches support developing self-care routines and life skills since that involves sustained effort, planning, attention, and organization to achieve those goals.


It's important to note that the process of changing habits takes time and buy-in from a student to gain traction. Our coaches are trained in the evidence-based science of behavior change, which seeks to help students uncover their own motivation to change their habits and learn new, healthy routines that enhance their lives and ability to live independently.

Examples of our coaches helping students with more than just academics...

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Organization of Spaces

Many of the students we work with have difficulty keeping their spaces and belongings organized. Our coaches can help build easy-to-follow systems students can use to declutter bedrooms and study spaces, sort clothes, organize personal belongings, etc. Summer and school breaks present particularly good opportunities to work on systems to maintain organized personal spaces for students.

helping teens and kids with projects
Passion Projects

Coaches love when a student has a passion or interest that they want to build a project around. We've seen clients leverage our coaches' expertise in planning, organizing, and persistence to help them complete personal goals like starting a podcast, writing a song, building a computer, creating an art portfolio, planning a service project, creating their own cookbook, and more. 

helping teens and kids manage stress
Stress Management

Inevitably, life gets stressful - especially for the modern student. Learning how to cope with this stress in a healthy way is an essential life skill that forms a foundation for navigating adulthood. Coaches help students identify stressors and select tools and strategies to reduce the stress and regulate their emotions effectively. Whether it's finding ways to navigate test anxiety or perfectionism, or learning how to self-advocate with teachers and classmates, Executive Function coaching can help students manage their day-to-day stress.

helping teens and kids develop new skills
New Skill Development

Many of the students we work with have big ambitions and varied interests. Whether it's learning an instrument, unlocking the mystery of chess, or releasing their inner creative writer, coaches can help students set personal goals, create a timeline, and develop systems for being accountable during the process. Coaches can also help students reflect on roadblocks to attaining a personal goal and strategize how to overcome those barriers.


helping teens apply to schools
School Applications

Many of our students seek out our coaches to help them manage the complex school application process. Private schools and colleges often require many separate tasks in their application procedures. Coaches work with students to chart out what needs to be done and when, helping students learn how to organize, plan, and follow through with those many tasks. Parents find that friction with their child can be reduced when they don't lead this frequently stressful process.


helping teens apply to internships and jobs
Job and Internship Applications

Whether it's a summer internship or a job for the school year, our coaches know how to help students get organized, plan effectively, and complete tasks in order to have the best chance of securing these types of opportunities.

self care habits for teens and kids
Self-Care Habits

Routinely brushing teeth, showering, grooming, and remembering medications are just a few areas of self-care habits our coaches have helped students develop. Coaches create a judgment-free zone to gain buy-in and introduce strategies centered around planning, reminders, accountability, and rewards to build these life skills.

helping teens and kids develop healthy habits
Health and Nutrition

Nutritious eating, sports training, building an exercise routine, and maintaining a healthy sleep schedule all require the Executive Function skills of self-regulation and impulse control. Executive Function coaches help students discover the tools and strategies that help them follow through on their fitness and health objectives that qualified professionals have provided.

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Partnerships with You

At Beyond BookSmart, we also believe that it’s important to have a partnership with you. For our student clients, we regularly communicate with parents about your child’s progress. In addition, we have created an exclusive portal for clients, so you can track that progress month to month. Clients over 18 years old are provided the option of sharing portal access with their parents.

Our approach brings results we take pride in. Check out our results showing how we’ve helped clients become more effective and confident.

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