Executive Function Coaching for College Students

We help young adults build the skills they need to thrive at college and far beyond.

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With everything else changing, keep one thing consistent

College is an opportunity for personal and professional growth. However, those with poor Executive Function skills may find it challenging to manage it all alone. Beyond BookSmart provides individuals with the necessary tools and techniques to build their self-confidence, independence, beliefs around being successful in college.

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Expected Executive Functioning Skills for College Students

  • Task initiation
  • Self-regulation
  • Organization
  • Attention
  • Planning & prioritizing
  • Time management
  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Organizational challenges: The student has difficulty organizing class materials, may lose track of syllabi and assignment due dates, and may not know how to approach writing assignments or long-term projects
  • Behavior or emotional management challenges: The student may have poor coping
    skills for stress, may not resist online or social distractions and has difficulty settling down to
    do work and persist with challenging or tedious tasks
  • Time management challenges: The student leaves work until the last minute, maybe
    overscheduled and stressed, and may not know how to maintain a work schedule
  • Academic challenges: The student lacks persistence or often does not start or complete
    assignments may do poorly on tests due to ineffective study habits, may lose credit for
    late assignments, may not know how to take notes, may struggle to attend class frequently
  • Self-care challenges: The student doesn't consistently make time for physical activity,
    socializing, adequate sleep routines, or nutritious eating habits

As a college student (or parent of a college student) you may be noticing:


Build independence and confidence for a successful college experience

  1. College organization
    College presents opportunities for much freedom with little accountability to complete tasks and organize one’s calendar. Students are faced with challenges of procrastination, time management issues, and/or poor task initiation.
  2. Social relationship/building
    The complexities of relationships are heightened with one who has poor Executive Function skills. Challenges that may arise for a college student include, identifying social cues, sustaining friendships, miscommunication, and/or frequent interruptions.
  3. Health and wellness
    With the many expectations and responsibilities of a college student, well-being is extremely important. Those with Executive Functioning challenges may find themselves easily overwhelmed, operating under low confidence or self-esteem, and/or having trouble with managing their emotions and impulses.
  4. Future planning & beyond
    In preparation for life after college, many students find themselves stressed about what is to come next and how to prepare. A student with low Executive Functioning skills may find this even more difficult in preparing for graduate school, entrance exams, and/or completing applications and preparing for job interviews.
  5. Balance 
    In getting the most out of one’s college experience, many students are encouraged to excel in academics, participate in service activities, join a student organization, and have a full social life. These numerous involvements can lead to stress or anxiety in finding a sense of stability and harmony within one’s daily routine.
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