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Foundational Skills for Elementary School Students

Parents often begin to see signs of Executive Function challenges in their child in elementary school, when the child faces new expectations for self-management.

Parents and teachers may notice:

  • Behavior or emotion management challenges - the student seems to lack the same degree of self control as peers, is easily frustrated, and/or has difficulty settling down to do work
  • Academic challenges - the student may lack persistence or often not start or complete even small assignments

Parents may wonder:

While in elementary school these challenges may seem relatively minor, they have increasing relevance as a child matures, ultimately playing a central role in shaping student achievement. Unaddressed, a deficit in the critical foundational area of Executive Function skills can have long-term effects on a student’s success and, consequently, self-confidence as a learner. These skills form the basis of a smooth transition to middle school, where academic demands increase rapidly.

What Executive Function Skills are Expected in Elementary School?

Elementary School is a critical time for the development of foundational Executive Function skills. These include:

  • Self-regulation - managing strong emotions and inhibiting impulsive behaviors
  • Attention - sustaining focus, especially for multi-part tasks
  • Task Initiation - starting a non-preferred task
  • Organization - maintaining materials at home and in school
  • Planning - mapping out multi-step tasks such as longer-term class projects

While some children seem to develop these skills seamlessly, many struggle and benefit from a level of direct 1:1 instruction and support that is often unavailable in most elementary schools.

How Executive Function Coaches Help Elementary School Students

Our coaches help elementary school students to:

  • Learn about their brains and how emotions affect learning
  • Become increasingly independent with daily routines
  • Learn and practice methods to cope with strong emotions
  • Learn and apply strategies to get work started and persist with challenging work
  • Learn strategies to stay on task and maintain attention
  • Develop personalized systems to organize backpacks and work areas
  • Learn how to break assignments into smaller parts and how to plan when the work will be done
  • Develop self-reflection skills to help them take ownership of new habits
  • Use technology that improves productivity

Please see this page for comprehensive information about Executive Function in Elementary students.

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