Executive Function Coaching for Elementary School Students

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Begin building foundational Executive Function skills for elementary school students

Elementary school is a critical time for the development of foundational Executive Function skills. Parents often begin to see signs of Executive Function challenges in their child in elementary school, when the child faces new expectations for self-management. Parents and teachers may notice:

  • Behavior or emotional management challenges: the student seems to lack the same degree of self-control as peers, is easily frustrated, and/or has difficulty settling down to do work
  • Academic challenges: the student may lack persistence or often not start or complete even small assignments
  • Self-care challenges: the student forgets to complete grooming or hygiene routines or household responsibilities

Expected Executive Functioning Skills for Elementary School Students

  • Task initiation
  • Self-regulation
  • Organization
  • Attention
  • Planning

Help Children Develop Executive Function Skills

By elementary school, your child should be able to initiate and complete tasks on time, keep their assignments and spaces organized, demonstrate sustained attention, and manage their thoughts and emotions. 

If your child is showing deficits in executive functioning skills, you can help develop them. Set clear expectations and establish routines. Create checklists to plan everyday tasks. Break down tasks into smaller steps. Encourage children to take breaks when they are feeling overwhelmed. Play games that require planning and problem-solving.

Finding an experienced Executive Function coach can also make a huge difference in how your child develops these skills. Our coaches can identify the unique strengths and weaknesses of your child, and provide you both with tailored exercises and strategies to skyrocket their performance. Contact us to learn how we can help.

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Elementary school is an important time in a child’s academic and personal development. During these years, children are learning the foundation executive function skills they will need for success in later grades and as an adult, including time management, organization, and task initiation, self-regulation, and so much more.

Executive Function coaching can help support a child’s academic achievement during these formative years by providing engaging one-on-one coaching sessions that focus on the unique needs of your child.

Here are just a few ways in which coaching can help executive functioning for elementary students:

  • Create a positive learning environment. This means providing a safe and supportive space where children feel comfortable taking risks and asking for help. It also means setting clear expectations and providing regular feedback.
  • Develop personalized learning strategies. We’ll help your child become an efficient learner by focusing on their strengths and giving them unique strategies that work with their learning style.
  • Learn how to manage emotions and reflect. Children will learn how to identify their emotions, express themselves, and work through their emotions in a healthy way.
  • Help your child develop good study habits. This means teaching your child how to organize their materials, set goals, and manage their time.

By providing your child with the support they need during the elementary school years, you can help them lay the foundation for a successful future. Contact us today to learn more about executive function coaching for your elementary school student.

Academic Achievement and Long-term Growth Begins With Support In Elementary School


Our Executive Function Coaches Help Elementary School Students:

  • Learn about their brains and how emotions affect learning
  • Learn and practice methods to cope with strong emotions
  • Develop personalized systems to organize backpacks and work areas
  • Develop self-reflection skills to help them take ownership of new habits
  • Become increasingly independent with daily routines
  • Learn and apply strategies to get work started and persist with challenging work
  • Learn how to break assignments into smaller parts and how to plan when the work will be done
  • Use technology that improves productivity

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