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Schedule a call with our Membership Team to start your coaching journey. Before our call, we'll ask you to complete a brief assessment to help us understand your goals. We can't wait to speak with you!

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It can be hard to choose the right support for your child, so let us help. Take our brief coaching readiness assessment to see if our Executive Function coaching program is a good fit for your child's needs.

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We've been coaching adults as well as students since 2006. Visit our website for WorkSmart Coaching to learn more about how we work with adults to help them become more effective. Ready to have a conversation with our Membership Team? Click below to complete our brief form or call us at 844-337-5455 (during EST business hours).

Looking for professional development for teachers?

Our BrainTracks division works with schools to train staff, leaders, and families, to improve the whole ecosystem in which a student learns. Click below to learn more about our school-based training.

Personalized, flexible, and experienced coaching since 2006
  • You receive 1:1 personalized online coaching once weekly for 60 minutes with a coach matched to your needs. Brief follow-ups between sessions are included.
  • In addition to your child's coaching sessions, you also receive Coaching Progress Sessions with your coach 1:1. These sessions are focused on celebrating your child's achievements, exploring opportunities for growth, and identifying tools, approaches, and tips you can use at home to better support your child's coaching journey.
  • You and your coach decide how best to use your weekly 60 minutes. Some families prefer to split the time between 2 shorter sessions, others prefer to leave the last 15 minutes for caregiver updates, and others like to use the full 60 minutes for working directly with the student.
  • You also receive unlimited access to our library of on-demand webinars and video tips.
  • Included in your coaching package is 1 month of free daily access to Workspace, our accountability coaching platform ($125 value) at any point in your coaching journey 
  • A one-time membership fee of $199 includes your coach matching process with our specialized team and a review of your onboarding forms and inquiry notes so you can start working toward your goals right away.
  • Billing occurs in monthly auto-pay cycles
  • 5% discount available for 24-week prepayment
  • $199 per week


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Timeline for the Online Coaching Process

Coaching is a process that takes time and commitment. Typically, our students are best prepared for independence after 8-12 months of consistent coaching. 

Building a Solid Foundation

When you sign up for online coaching, you'll be starting a transformative process. Your coach will work toward forging a trusting alliance with your child as they begin to work on your child's goals. The coaching relationship forms a solid foundation for honest reflection and an environment where students feel truly supported as they take on new challenges. Coaching occurs in 4-week auto-renewal cycles until your child has achieved their objectives. Most students are prepared for fading from coaching support in 8-12 months of consistent work with their coach.

Beyond BookSmart Pricing

How much does Beyond BookSmart cost? Pricing is $189/week for clients who prepay for 24 weeks. For clients who are billed in 4-week auto-renewal cycles, the cost is $199 per week. Your student receives 1:1 online personalized coaching with a highly trained coach matched to their needs in weekly 60-minute sessions. This weekly cost not only includes your child’s 1:1 sessions but also additional support for you, too. After all, caregivers play a critical role in the Executive Function improvement journey. You'll connect with your coach to share your child’s achievements, opportunities for growth, and explore ways you can best support the work that’s ahead.

Our Coaches' Qualifications

All of our coaches must have a master's level degree in education or a related field, or equivalent, and have experience working successfully 1:1 with students or adults. They all must go through a rigorous vetting and training process and pass our comprehensive exam in order to be an Executive Function coach with Beyond BookSmart. Coaches also receive ongoing mentorship on a regular basis and receive ongoing professional development through Beyond BookSmart’s Professional Development Team.

Our Coaching Readiness quiz will help you learn if coaching could be a good fit for your child.

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