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Schedule a call with our Membership Team to start your coaching journey. Before our call, we'll ask you to complete a brief assessment to help us understand your goals. We can't wait to speak with you!

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It can be hard to choose the right support for your child, so let us help. Take our brief coaching readiness assessment to see if our Executive Function coaching program is a good fit for your child's needs.

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We've been coaching adults as well as students since 2006. Visit our website for WorkSmart Coaching to learn more about how we work with adults to help them become more effective. Ready to learn more? Click below to complete our brief form or call us at 844-337-5455 (during EST business hours).

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Our BrainTracks division works with schools to train staff, leaders, and families, to improve the whole ecosystem in which a student learns. Click below to learn more about our school-based training.

Our coaching programs

Single Session Coaching

Whether you're a student struggling with time management, a professional aiming to boost productivity, or an individual looking to enhance daily life skills, our 30-minute coaching sessions offer a convenient and efficient approach to help you get started.

Essential Coaching

No parent should have to choose between being the sole support system for their child or watching them struggle unsupported. Essential Coaching provides online Executive Function coaching to help students of all ages become more effective in school and far beyond. The culmination of 17+ years of Executive Function support, this program incorporates the most important elements students need to make meaningful changes to their habits and approaches to work.

Immersive Coaching

Does your family need a more holistic approach to Executive Function support? We believe that a supportive environment is crucial for success. Immersive Coaching expands on the structure and features of Essential Coaching by including more opportunities for parenting support, accountability resources, Executive Function education, and collaboration with support professionals.

Parent Coaching

You don’t have to face the struggles of parenting a child with Executive Function challenges alone. Parent Coaching aims to equip parents with the essential insights, skills, and strategies they need to successfully navigate their child's Executive Function support. Through a 1:1 online coaching session, we’ll help you form a foundational understanding of your child’s Executive Function challenges and pave a realistic path toward long-term growth and success.

Learn About Coaching

Timeline for the Online Coaching Process

Coaching is a process that takes time and commitment. Typically, our students are best prepared for independence after 8-12 months of consistent coaching. On the other hand, for parents in our Exploratory Coaching program, the length of their coaching journey largely depends on what exactly they'd like to learn and accomplish. If the goals involve a big change in habits, at least 2-3 months of consistent coaching sessions should be expected before seeing noticeable results.

Building a Solid Foundation

When you sign up for online coaching, you'll be starting a transformative process. Your coach will work toward forging a trusting alliance as they begin to work on goals. The coaching relationship forms a solid foundation for honest reflection and an environment where clients feel truly supported as they take on new challenges. Coaching occurs in monthly auto-renewal cycles until objectives are achieved. Most clients are prepared for fading from coaching support in 8-12 months of consistent work with their coach.

Beyond BookSmart Pricing

How much does Beyond BookSmart cost? Our Executive Function coaching programs start at $99 per session. We know that when it comes to effective 1:1 support, one size doesn’t fit all. For this reason, we have three unique coaching programs that offer their own set of session times, features, and core goals. You can visit our pricing page to learn more about each offering. 

Our Coaches' Qualifications

All of our coaches must have a master's level degree in education or a related field, or equivalent, and have experience working successfully 1:1 with students or adults. They all must go through a rigorous vetting and training process and pass our comprehensive exam in order to be an Executive Function coach with Beyond BookSmart. Coaches also receive ongoing mentorship on a regular basis and receive ongoing professional development through Beyond BookSmart’s Professional Development Team.

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