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Self-Management Skills for High School Students

By 12th grade, Executive Function skills are needed for a smooth transition to college, where heightened school demands compete with new freedoms and extracurriculars.

Parents and teachers may notice:

  • Organizational challenges: The student has difficulty organizing class materials, keeping track of and turning in homework, or approaching writing assignments and long-term projects
  • Behavior or emotional management challenges: The student may have poor relationships with teachers, be unable to resist distractions, have difficulty settling down to do work, or give up easily on challenging or tedious tasks
  • Time management challenges: The student leaves work until the last minute, causing panic and stress at home
  • Academic challenges: The student lacks persistence or often not start or complete assignments, may do poorly on tests due to ineffective study habits, may lose credit for late assignments, may not know how to take notes
  • Self-care challenges: The student needs reminders to complete grooming or hygiene routines or household responsibilities - or does not make time for adequate sleep, nutrition, exercise, or other healthy habits

Beyond BookSmart coaches help students uncover their individual motivators, develop strategies for success, and ensure that they are equipped with a toolkit for the world beyond academics.

Executive Function Skills Expected in High School:

  • Self Regulation
    Self- Regulation
  • Attention
  • Task Initation
    Task initiation
  • Organization
  • Planning & prioritzing
    Planning & Prioritizing
  • time-management
    Time Management
  • cognitive
    Cognitive Flexibility

Our Executive Function Coaches Help High School Students:

  • Learn and practice methods to cope with strong emotions
  • Learn how to get work started and persist with challenging work
  • Develop systems to start and complete writing assignments
  • Develop self-reflection skills to help them take ownership of new habits
  • Learn how to study and take tests effectively
  • Learn how to advocate for themselves with teachers
  • Learn and apply strategies to stay on task and maintain attention
  • Develop personalized systems to organize materials and work areas
  • Learn how to break assignments into smaller parts and plan when to get the work done
  • Identify and use technology that improves their productivity
  • Gain insight about what motivates them, and use that knowledge to be productive
  • Prepare for a successful transition to college

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