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Through online 1:1 sessions, our coaches help students identify, employ, and evaluate tools and strategies that address their specific needs

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Remote Learning Without the Learning Curve

For the past ten years, we have offered remote learning options to all students at any grade level. While most schools and organizations have had to adapt to this change due to the current environment, we’ve had a full decade to perfect our approach. Our structure provides an effective and safe, 45-minute weekly virtual experience from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

What is Executive Function Coaching?

Our Four-Step Process

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Typical Coaching Sessions Include:

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Checking In
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Reviewing the Previous
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Prioritizing the Session
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Working on the Skills
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Establishing Weekly Commitments
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Following Up
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Academic Coaching vs. Tutoring

While academic coaching includes elements of traditional tutoring, the goals and process of academic coaching reach further and deeper to teach students to become more effective learners, not simply to survive the crisis of the day.

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