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Ben Sexton

Ben Sexton is the founder of Sexton Test Prep and Tutoring, a boutique test preparation and tutoring company located in Wellesley, MA. He has been tutoring the SAT, ACT, and various academic subjects since 2003, working with over 500 students and compiling nearly 10,000 hours of tutoring work. He holds a Master's Degree from Boston College in Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation, cementing his reputation as completely testing-obsessed. Ben lives in Wellesley with his wife, Sarah, who also manages Sexton Test Prep, and their 14-pound dachshund, Beso, who runs the house. When not tutoring, Ben enjoys football, investing, golf, and poker, as well as a good oyster. You can reach Ben at bmsexton2400@gmail.com.

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Editor's note: This week, we welcome guest blogger Ben Sexton, founder of Sexton Test Prep and Tutoring, located in Wellesley, MA. Please read his complete bio below.