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Lisa Anders

Lisa is an Executive Function coach and intake coordinator with Beyond BookSmart. She earned her Masters degree from Roosevelt University in School Counseling. With 15 years experience working as an educator in Illinois, Lisa has taught students in the public school setting in grades K, 5, and middle school. Lisa has additional experience working with early childhood education as well as serving those with behavioral needs. She believes in supporting students socially and emotionally, as well as academically. As an Executive Function coach, Lisa also provides parents with essential feedback, resources, and progress updates to help parents understand the challenges their children face and how they are developing their skills.

Recent Posts by Lisa Anders:

Why Does My Child Struggle with Writing? 6 Skills Your Child Needs

Do you have a child who can talk at length on a topic but struggles to get all those great ideas down on paper? Because writing draws upon Executive Function skills such as planning, organizing, time management, attention, working memory, and metacognition — it’s no wonder we Executive Function coaches see many of our students struggle in this area. In fact, writing can feel so difficult that just hearing about that upcoming assignment for a 500 word essay can send chills down a student’s back. (Add emotion regulation to the list of Executive Function skills involved in writing!)