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Rachel Krompinger

Rachel Krompinger

Rachel Krompinger is a Senior Level Executive Function Coach, Intake Coordinator, and Director of Marketing and Outreach, and is based in our Boston branch. In her role as Senior Level Executive Function Coach, she provides customized in-home Executive Function coaching for students in need of help with their immediate academic challenges with a focus to help them develop an approach to learning and working that makes them more effective throughout their lives.

Recent Posts by Rachel Krompinger:

Academic Goal Setting: Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

Editor’s note: We hope you enjoy reading this story about how an Executive Function coach practices what she preaches as she encourages her students to use academic goal setting to strengthen their Executive Function skills.

Last winter I was standing in line to buy coffee with a fellow coach when he got an alert on his phone reminding him to record an update on his progress so far that day, and he was so excited about it that he showed it to me. It was an app called Habit List and he was having success changing some habits he was focused on. I made a note of the name of it on my iPhone and thought, hey I'll check it out and maybe it will benefit some of my students down the road that want to change a habit. Little did I know then that something (kind of minor) he said would make such a major impact on my personal life.

Can Supermoms Help Children Develop Executive Function Skills?

Here’s the thing: as parents we all want to make our kids’ lives easier and not have to see them struggle. At some point we do have to take a step back and let them try. They may not succeed the first time or even the second or thirteenth time, but I think what is important is to help children develop Executive Function skills such as problem solving strategies and to teach children to advocate for themselves.

While doing this we may need to be helping them learn how to regulate their emotions too. As most of us know, it can be mega frustrating when things do not go right, especially when we are doing something difficult or new.