Academic Coaching vs. Tutoring

The goals and process of academic coaching reach further and deeper to teach students Executive Function skills that enable them to become more effective learners

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Academic coaching for students

While academic coaching includes elements of traditional tutoring, the goals and process of academic coaching reach further and deeper to teach students to become more effective learners, not simply to survive the crisis of the day. Using current school challenges as a springboard, we teach students Executive Function skills that help them develop the habits that allow them to succeed in school and beyond.


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Does your child need a tutor or an Academic Coach?

Executive Function coaching helps students learn skills to be more effective in all subjects. Learn more about how we help students succeed.

When your student needs a tutor:

  • Student has one troublesome subject area. Ex.: chemistry
  • Student struggles with a particular academic skill. Ex.: math facts or French verb conjugations
  • Student has a standardized test to prepare for. Ex.: SSAT, ACT, or SAT
  • Student can get started with work, locate needed materials, and sustain effort across all subjects

When your student needs a coach:

  • Student has difficulty in several or all subject areas
  • Student has trouble with global skills such as note-taking, active reading, and/or study habits
  • Student needs to learn how to prepare effectively for different types of classroom tests. Ex.: multiple choice, essay, short response
  • Student has trouble starting work, is disorganized, and/or can’t keep focused across most or all subjects

The Academic Coaching Advantage


The foundation of our coaching for academic success program is built on the premise of helping the student develop long-term habits for improved learning and personal growth. We go beyond assisting our students with work and aim to bolster their working habits in the following areas:


Homework Management

While most tutors can help students complete their homework on time, Executive Function coaches also teach students to prioritize their homework based on due dates and the relative importance of each assignment.


Test Preparation

Tutors will help students prepare for specific tests and exams, usually based on their expertise in the subject matter. Academic coaches teach students to become better self-advocates and to know how to study for any test or exam. Students learn how to ask the right questions, to identify what they don’t know, and to find and use the resources that will allow them to do their very best.


Project Management

Our academic coaches have a strong understanding of how integral Executive Function skills are to completing long-term projects successfully. We employ foundational tools that tutors and teachers may take for granted and not teach in school. Executive Function coaches teach students how to see the many steps needed, how to sequence those steps, and how to map out the time needed to complete projects well and on time.


Active Reading Strategies

Our academic coaches teach students how to be efficient readers across all subjects by using active reading strategies. Coaches help students learn how to engage with challenging material, focus on relevant details, comprehend what they are reading, and recall content afterwards.

Here at Beyond BookSmart, we take great pride in providing academic coaching services specifically designed to help students of different ages and grade levels. Our unique programs are formulated to help students develop executive function skills and give them the tools to improve academic performance, including organization, time management, task prioritization, goal setting, and so much more. Students from the following groups will learn helpful strategies and develop good habits that allow them to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

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Academic Coaching FAQs

Icon What is academic coaching?

Academic coaching is an individualized instructional program designed to help students develop the skills and resources necessary for academic success. They provide guidance, support, feedback, and accountability to help students stay focused and motivated while also helping students learn key Executive Function skills that will help them in their school work.

Icon What is an academic coach and what is their role?

Academic coaches are professionals who provide instruction, guidance, and support to students to help them maximize their potential. They identify areas of strength and weakness, develop strategies for improvement, monitor progress, and provide feedback. Academic coaching can also assist with stress management, setting goals, time management, and other important Executive Function skills that allow students to be successful in the classroom.

Icon Coaching vs. tutoring: what's the difference?

The primary difference between an academic coach and a tutor is that a coach helps students learn core skills that will affect academic performance holistically while a tutor generally focuses on a single subject or course.

Icon What kind of students will benefit most from coaching?

Nearly all students can benefit from academic coaching. Regardless of whether a student is struggling or doing well in the classroom, every child can learn new skills and strategies to help them grow and become more effective learners.

While we do specialize in helping students learn Executive Function skills that many students who are neurodiverse or have ADHD commonly struggle with, our academic coaching program is a great way for students of all kinds to learn new skills.