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Diane Dempster

Diane Dempster

As a coach, Diane has combined her passion for helping people with her ability to lead with integrity, building powerful corporate and coaching careers. She co-founded ImpactADHD, the first virtual coaching and training resource designed specifically for parents of children with ADHD. Diane served on the Board of Directors of ICFGeorgia (state charter chapter of the International Coach Federation) Earned her coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). She founded Inner Progress Coaching to help professionals discover, or rediscover, their passions, reduce stress, maximize performance, and focus on priorities. Diane has held leadership positions within Kaiser Permanente and earned certification as an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and Reiki Master. She graduated with a BA in Biology/Human Services from Albion College and a Masters’ Degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of Michigan.

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Why Can’t I Motivate My Kids to Do What I Ask?

(Editor's note: This article was originally published at ImpactADHD. Reprinted with permission from the author.)

The subject of motivation comes up in most of our workshops or classes. Without fail, we hear comments like, “Nothing motivates my kids. I’ve taken everything away… I bribe them with everything and still nothing works.”

There are some common mistakes that we parents make that actually get in the way of motivating our kids to take action. Here are 3 examples, and what to do instead: