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Dr. Jane Greenstein

Dr. Jane Greenstein

Dr. Jane Greenstein is a licensed psychologist with a private practice in diagnostic assessment of learning challenges including ADHD, dyslexia, and other specific learning disorders. Using a neuropsychological approach, she helps families and schools gain clarity about why a student is struggling and what to do about it. A graduate of Princeton University and the University of Virginia, she has been working with school-age children, adolescents, and young adults in collaboration with educators for over 20 years. Dr. Greenstein has extensive experience in diagnostic assessment, behavioral interventions, child development, and special education systems in schools. She also is a parent of two young adults.

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How to Support Your Child With Attention Challenges, Especially Now

Editor’s note: This week, we feature guest blogger Dr. Jane Greenstein, a licensed psychologist in MA. Please read more about Dr. Greenstein below.

These are difficult times for everyone. Between coronavirus fears, quarantine, school closings, and financial uncertainty, we are in uncharted territory. It’s hard to manage worries about the future when so much is unknown. It’s hard maintaining a sense of normalcy when we have lost the structures of our typical lives. It’s hard juggling responsibilities for ourselves, our households, and (if we are fortunate) our jobs.  For those with children in the home, you have to do this while also looking after their physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being. And for caregivers of children and teens with significant attention control weakness, this already demanding reality is made more challenging by the degree of support your kid needs to complete tasks, even under the best of circumstances.