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Lauren Saunders

Lauren Saunders is an Executive Function Coach with a Masters in Education and over ten years of experience helping students overcome challenges to succeed at their goals. She has a background as a college writing tutor and as a secondary classroom teacher for Social Studies and English courses. Lauren enjoys learning and writing about contemplative practices for students. She completed a 200 hour Yoga Training in 2011 and has been a yoga and meditation practitioner since 1998. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, son, and daughter.

Recent Posts by Lauren Saunders:

Yoga and Executive Function: A Combination for Student Success

Lately yoga has been paired with everything from goats to beer, but the most natural pairing may well be yoga and students. For a fun activity that has no specific goal, yoga can certainly pack a punch when it comes to helping with self-management skills. How could a non-competitive exercise help students to sharpen their Executive Function skills? Practicing yoga not only helps develop confidence and focus, it also enhances the calm, reflective abilities that support higher level thinking skills.

4 Summer Strategies for Resistant Students

Summer can be an ideal time to plant seeds for growth in the future. But why use this down-time to discuss goals, or work on skills, when the last thing your child wants to think about is school?

When September comes around, if struggling students have not been expanding their skillset, they start back to school with the same challenges they faced last year but without any new tactics for dealing with those same academic problems.