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Melissa Doody

Melissa Doody

Melissa Doody is the Chief Operations Officer for Beyond BookSmart. She first joined the company is 2008 and is based in our Boston branch. In her role as COO, Melissa is responsible for Human Resources, which includes the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding of new coaches and employees; implementing policies and procedures for employees; and developing models for coach support and supervision. In addition, Melissa leads operations within Beyond BookSmart, which includes coach to client match in Massachusetts, company-wide policy and procedure development, and work with our Financial Team. Finally, as COO, Melissa oversees most customer service and coaches a limited number of clients.

Recent Posts by Melissa Doody:

3 Ways to Kickstart Your Executive Function Skills

We’ve all been there.  It’s a Monday morning and you’re feeling pretty good about the week. You are rested from the weekend, the fridge is stocked, everyone has clean clothes for the week, kids’ lunches are packed, you are headed out the door on time, and hey - you even remembered your phone, keys, and wallet.  Smooth sailing.  Ah, glorious Monday! Fast forward to Wednesday.  You are 126 emails behind at work, out of bread at home, late to your meeting, and - whoops - you just got reminder call for the kids’ annual doctor appointment for tomorrow and wouldn’t you know it, you’re double booked. Meanwhile, you sit paralyzed at your desk - should I start the project due in a month? Should I answer emails? Should I go to the meeting even though I’m 30 minutes late at this point? Holy moly - is this what my kids go through with school? Feeling overwhelmed, you decide to take an early lunch and deal with it later.  

Mommy Brain: From Good Executive Functioning To Goo

According to the urban dictionary, “mommy brain” is “the phenomenon known to mothers where their brains become useless piles of goo after being around their children for too long.” In my world, the useless pile of goo is what remains of my once perfect ability to plan and prioritize, manage my time, sustain attention, and regulate my emotions. In short, my children have devoured my Executive Functions!

Well, lately I have been really wondering why.