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Michael Keesler

Dr. Keesler is a clinical/forensic neuropsychologist who practices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He commutes to work by bicycle - daily, year-round, rain or snow or shine - to the only mild consternation of family and co-workers. His practice is predominantly neuropsychological assessment, where he diagnoses developmental disorders like learning disorder and ADHD, acquired injuries like traumatic brain injury, idiopathic disease like stroke or brain tumor, and degenerative disorders like dementia and multiple sclerosis. He believes strongly in the power of lifestyle change and adjunctive/alternative therapy as a first-line treatment for many common maladies of modern society.

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Can Spending Time in Nature Improve Executive Functioning?

Editor's note: This week, we feature guest blogger Michael Keesler, J.D., Ph.D., a neuropsychologist who practices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Please see his full bio below.

With spring’s arrival, parents and children are shaking off winter’s cabin fever and returning outdoors. On the one hand, it is no great insight to observe that we enjoy spending time outdoors in nice weather. But there may be more to this phenomenon than we all know intuitively. Indeed, a growing body of research now supports what many of us in the mental health community have long suspected. This is simply that our mental and physical wellbeing actually relies upon interaction in and with nature.