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Rachel Dayanim

Rachel Dayanim

Rachel Dayanim is a certified ADHD coach and an Executive Function coach and Outreach Coordinator with Beyond BookSmart. Her background includes 10 years as a Special Education Coordinator for a high school program in Newton, MA. Rachel earned her MA in Special Education from Columbia University in New York.

Recent Posts by Rachel Dayanim:

Getting Organized: Minimizing Clutter In 4 Easy Steps

Clutter, now that school is underway, has had a chance to take hold and start growing at a rapid rate. I’ve been a diligent clutter buster for years. In fact, my husband once bought me a magnet that reads “Organized People Are Too Lazy to Look for Things”, in a playfully teasing nod to my tidy ways. (Maybe you can guess why I need to continue my diligence on the home front.)  Whether at home or with clients, when it comes to school work and related items I have discovered 4 easy steps for minimizing clutter and getting organized.

Grit + Executive Function skills = Academic Success

One of the latest buzzwords in education these days is “grit”. Educators are shifting from the idea that the student with inherent talent or the greatest intelligence will be the most successful, and instead, considering other factors as predictors of success in school and in life.  Doing well in life depends on much more than learning quickly and easily.