How Coaching Works

Long -Term Benefits of Executive Function Coaching


A Lifetime of Effective Habits

Executive Function skills are important for not just academics but the professional world. The effects last long beyond the coaching experience.

Our clients retain the skills they learn during coaching long after they complete their coaching. For some of our clients, coaching in elementary or middle school has paved the way for successful transitions to high school and college. For our adult clients, coaching has enabled them to achieve their professional goals.

Coaching helps our clients to:

  • Break down complex projects into manageable chunksLong term benefits of executive function coaching

  • Budget time in less structured environments

  • Apply insight about how they work most effectively to plan their schedules

  • Advocate for their learning needs with instructors or supervisors

  • Anticipate roadblocks and minimize distractions

  • Regulate their emotions and behavior

Coaching provides a solid foundation for our clients' lifelong management of their personal and professional lives. As adults living in our fast-paced world, our clients benefit from their well-developed self-management skills.

Coaching prepares our clients to:

  • Manage multiple priorities at work

  • Create systems to maintain productivity

  • Maintain a healthy work-life balance

  • Set and achieve personal and professional goals

  • Run an organized household

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