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Many students have difficulty managing their academic demands. Even bright students can lack the skills to be productive and effective learners. At Beyond BookSmart, we teach students what they haven’t learned in school: how to manage their time, resist distractions, keep their emotions in check, and conquer procrastination.

While our students come from all different backgrounds and circumstances, they often have one thing in common: that their results in school don’t match their potential to achieve, or that they are working themselves to exhaustion to maintain good grades. Our coaching provides the missing link, teaching them how to work effectively.

Read about our levels of coaching, then take our quick assessment to see which level is likely to be the best fit for your student.

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Elementary School Students

Parents often begin to see signs of Executive Function challenges in their child in elementary school, when the child faces new expectations for self-management. While in elementary school these challenges may seem relatively minor, they have increasing relevance as a child matures, ultimately playing a central role in shaping student achievement.

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Middle School Students

In middle school, students must learn to adapt to the expectations of several different teachers who may schedule tests and due dates for projects on the same day. Developmentally, parents see that middle school students may insist on managing their academics without parental oversight, yet they are often unequipped to do this independently.

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High School Students

By 12th grade, Executive Function skills are needed for a smooth transition to college, where heightened school demands compete with new freedoms and extracurriculars. Teens have to be productive amidst the distractions of phones and computers.

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College Students

College-aged students often struggle as they learn to independently manage themselves. Weaknesses in Executive Function skills can become more apparent in the less structured environment of college life.

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Weaknesses in Executive Function skills can become a serious liability in the professional, family, and personal spheres of an adult's life.

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