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A lifetime of effective habits.

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The Beyond BookSmart approach yields results that last far beyond the coaching experience.

Guare and Dawson (Smart But Scattered), Russell Barkley (considered America’s foremost expert on ADHD), and numerous others have made coaching the number one recommendation for supporting students with Executive Function challenges. For some students, the first course of action may be medication, but that alone does not guarantee success. Students need to be taught strategies and to then practice those strategies until they become habits.

Our approach works. We apply research-based methodology in our coaching. Our students' school performance improves and top clinicians and educators readily speak to our success. School professionals, neuropsychologists, psychiatrists, and networking groups consistently recommend us. Most significantly, our parents express consistent satisfaction with the improvements they see.

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Of All Beyond BookSmart Clients Responding Who Have Had Coaching for at Least Six Months:

See positive changes in their children due to coaching

See a reduction in “homework battles” or stress

See progress in their children (or themselves), due to coaching

See improvements in grades

Would recommend Beyond BookSmart to other parents

Coaching Prepares Our Students To:

  • Break down complex projects into manageable chunks

  • Budget time in less structured environments

  • Apply insight about how they work most effectively to plan their schedules

  • Advocate for their learning needs with instructors or supervisors

  • Anticipate roadblocks and minimize distractions

  • Regulate their emotions and behavior

Coaching provides a solid foundation for our students’ lifelong management of their personal and professional lives. As adults living in our fast-paced world, our students benefit from their well-developed self-management skills.

Helping You to Find Comfort in the Uncomfortable

Still have questions about how we empower students to better anticipate roadblocks, overcome hurdles, and build confidence in themselves and their potential? Read our frequently asked questions to learn more.

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