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Why does my child have trouble keeping up with work at school?

Many students have difficulty managing their academic demands. Even bright students can lack the skills to be productive and effective learners. We teach students what they haven't learned in school: how to manage their time, resist distractions, keep their emotions in check, and conquer procrastination.

Our students attend private schools or public schools. What many have in common is that their results in school don’t match their potential to achieve — or, they are working themselves to exhaustion to maintain good grades. In either scenario, the missing link is knowing how to work effectively.







"Why is my child lazy and unmotivated?"

We hear this question every day. Children who may appear lazy or unmotivated usually want to be successful. They simply lack the skills to help them be productive and effective learners. 

Executive Function coaches help:

Our students’ challenges include:

  • ADHD, Executive Function weaknesses, or other learning differences
  • Emotional challenges
  • No formal learning diagnosis but trouble managing schoolwork
  • A need to fine-tune work habits in rigorous academic environments
  • Students with diverse learning styles who feel frustrated and discouraged, especially when their challenges are perceived as laziness

Our coaches provide students such as these the encouragement, strategies, and insight they need to become more effective and more confident learners.

Please see these pages below for comprehensive information about Executive Function in students:

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