Your Kid's Gonna Be Okay: Building the Executive Function Skills Your Child Needs in the Age of Attention

by Michael Delman, M.Ed.

In this book, parents will find enlightening tips and tools from a lifelong educator and expert in Executive Function intervention - and reassurance that your kids will be okay when equipped with the skills they need today and for the future.

"An insightful and fresh approach to parenting." Kirkus Reviews

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Your Kid's Gonna Be Okay
Elementary Students

About the Book

Parents will gain an understanding of what Executive Function skills are - and why they are essential in today's Age of Attention, where kids must be able to choose priorities, stay focused, and get things done amidst an infinity of distractions. The good news is that kids can learn these skills. This book features dozens of step by step exercises that parents can do to develop children's self-management skills. Learn how to provide support in a way your child will appreciate rather than resent - and prepare your child for a confident, competent, and independent future.

Praise for Your Kid's Gonna Be Okay

"Delman draws on deep veins of experience—as a parent, teacher, and executive function coach—to produce a book that captures both the daily challenge of parenting and his optimistic view that most kids turn out okay. Written with humor and compassion, he masterfully uses personal stories to bring his advice and strategies to life. Enjoy the book for the stories and the humor—but bookmark the strategies, because you’ll want to access them quickly as teachable moments arise and beg for a creative response"

Peg Dawson, Ed.D.
co-author of Smart But Scattered

"Finally, a book that tackles both the emotional and cognitive issues of executive functioning! This book offers the extraordinary gift of knowledge, wisdom, and empathy for parents and educators who are struggling to understand the child with executive function weaknesses.  Michael Delman – who has years of experience motivating children to achieve their best – has crafted a masterful resource that deconstructs the complex issues in executive function skills. It provides a wonderful roadmap for parents seeking answers by explaining the unique way children may engage in the world while giving practical solutions to overcome these challenges."

Ellen Braaten, Ph.D.
co-author of Bright Kids Who Can't Keep Up 

"Delman’s highly personalized writing and storytelling explains in remarkably accessible terms and with enlightening anecdotes, how to foster these essential neurocognitive skills in children and adolescents as they face the increasingly demanding “curriculum” of their daily lives. Without a doubt, teaching kids these Executive Function skills is equivalent to giving them the tools they need in their efforts to meet the demands of their teachers and parents. This book gives adults the tools they need to empower children and adolescents to meet their “bosses’” expectations."

David Gleason, Psy.D.
author of At What Cost? Defending Adolescent Development in Fiercely Competitive Schools

Michael Delman

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