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Dr. Katherine Pang

Dr. Katherine Pang

Dr. Katherine Pang is a licensed psychologist and founder of Lakewood Wellness Partners, a psychology practice in Dallas, Texas as well as MetaCogSkills and Brain Skills for Kids. Dr. Pang is also the Founder of EdWay Online, Inc.  Dr. Pang has several degrees including a PhD in Educational Psychology Cognitive), a Master’s in Clinical Psychopharmacology, a Post Graduate Certificate in Neuropsychology, Lifestyle Health, and Primary Care Psychology. In addition, Dr. Pang has two law degrees (a JD and an LLM in Taxation), an MBA, a master’s in educational technology and Psychology. Dr. Pang is also the founder of the Christian Life Institute a non-profit focused on spiritual formation.

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How Reframing Your COVID-19 Experience Can Support Emotional Wellbeing

Editor’s note: This week, we feature guest blogger Dr. Katherine Pang, a licensed psychologist in TX. Please read more about Dr. Pang below.

Right now, students, adults, and parents all over the world are struggling to continue this new “way of being” we find ourselves living. Our most mundane routines have been uprooted and altered in ways that would have defied our imaginations just months ago: shopping for the evening’s meal, working with colleagues, attending classes - it seems that no aspect of our lives has gone unchanged by our social distancing and shelter-in-place requirements. In this process, it is common to feel a sense of loss; we cannot spend time together over a meal, sit with a friend in a movie theater, or gather with loved ones for important rites of passage such as graduations, weddings, and even funerals. To feel disappointment, despair, or disdain over the disruptions we are experiencing is understandable - and yet, finding ways to feel hopeful and thankful are deeply important to maintaining our mental and physical health - now, more than ever. So, what can we do to continue to facilitate our own personal development and resiliency during these unprecedented times?