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Janna Koretz, Psy.D

Janna Koretz, Psy.D

Janna Koretz, Psy.D is a licensed psychologist practicing in Massachusetts. She co-owns a group psychotherapy and testing practice with locations in Cambridge, Boston, and Nantucket MA. Dr. Koretz specializes in the diagnosis of learning disabilities, ADHD, and psychological disorders in pre-adolescence and adolescence via neuropsychological and psychological testing. Her practice includes other subspecialties including dual diagnosis, LBGT issues, and eating disorders, in children, adolescents, and adults

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The Superpowers of ADHD: A Psychologist's Perspective

Editor's note: This week our guest blogger is Dr. Janna Koretz, a psychologist in MA, who shares with us her positive outlook on children with ADHD. (Please read her full bio below.)

“You’re saying that this kid — my kid — has a superpower?” I sure am.  Your child may have been diagnosed with ADHD, but there’s another side to this diagnosis that can be great news, especially as your child gets older.