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Karen Spencer

Karen Spencer is Director of Educational Counseling for Bright Horizons College Coach, the nation’s leading provider of educational advisory services to organizations and families. At Bright Horizons College Coach, Ms. Spencer delivers workshops and provides individual counseling on all aspects of the college admissions process. Prior to joining Bright Horizons, Ms. Spencer worked in the admissions offices of Franklin & Marshall College and Georgetown University. At Georgetown, where she served as Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Ms. Spencer was responsible for recruitment and transfer admissions, and sat on the admissions committee for the McDonough School of Business. She has a BA in Psychology from Valparaiso University and an MA in Counseling and Higher Education Administration from the University of Virginia.

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How Non-Cognitive Variables Can Help in the College Admissions Process

Editor’s note: This week, we feature guest blogger Karen Spencer, Director of Educational Counseling for Bright Horizons College Coach. Please read more about Karen below.

Ask any high school junior going through the college search process about the one thing that scares them most and you’ll usually hear them say “standardized tests.” The SAT and ACT tests have been around for a long time (the SAT will be 100 years old in 2026!), and so have students’ fear and loathing of them. While I don’t know any students that love standardized tests, they tend to be more problematic for some students than others. The bright side is that many, many schools read holistically in their admissions process, which is to say that they look at many factors outside of just the numbers—the “non-cognitive” aspects of an application—and this focus can be very helpful for a student who struggles with standardized testing.