Infographic: Is it "Laziness" or Executive Function Weakness?

5 symptoms of Executive Function challenges in children.

Laziness infographic.png

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Infographic for Adults: Is it "Scattered" or Executive Function Weakness?

5 symptoms of Executive Function challenges in adults.

Is it "Scattered" or EF Challenges?

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Infographic: 6 Skills for College Success

Top 6 skills that high school students need to develop to help them thrive in college and beyond.

Small version for social media 6 Skills for Student Success


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How to Establish Priorities

A structured approach to helping an over-scheduled student identify what really matters

Priority matrix guide.png

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Project Planner Template

Step by step guide to planning long-term projects and staying on track

Project planner template.png

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Student Guide: How to Spend Less Time on Homework

For students who multitask while doing homework and wonder why it takes so long to finish

Cut HW time.png

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Tips for High School Readiness

5 essential tips for middle school students preparing to enter high school

Transition from MS to HS.png

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How to Prepare for Essay Tests

Guidelines to effectively prepare for essay tests and reduce the fear of the unknown essay prompt

Any essay brainstorm.png

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Structured Reflection Guide

Build self-assessment and goal-setting skills with this step-by-step guide.

Structured reflection image.png

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Planning Homework Breaks for Better Productivity

Helpful worksheet to discover specific work breaks that appeal to students while maintaining their productivity

effective breaks.png

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Emotion Regulation Tips

Our guide features 5 strategies our coaches use to help students maintain good emotion regulation.

5 Ways to Build ER Skills.png

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Coaching vs. Tutoring

Tutors and coaches address different challenges. Use our checklist to determine the appropriate support for your child.

Coaching vs. Tutoring.png

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Executive Function Coaching at a Glance

Single page summary of our coaching services

EF Coaching at a glance.png

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Student Self-Advocacy Checklist

Particularly for tests, papers and projects, these 9 self-monitoring and self-­advocacy skills
are critical - and teachable

Self advocacy checklist.png

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These resources are just a small sample of the tools our Executive Function coaches use with students every day. We have over 375 tools and strategies that we customize for each student to help them be effective, productive, and confident learners. Find out more about how we work with students.
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