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Why Do Gifted Students Often Struggle in School?

School should be easy for a child who is gifted, right? On the surface, that's a simple answer: "Of course!" But if we take a closer look at a typical school experience for a gifted child, we often see some version of the following scenario...

Supporting the Twice Exceptional Child: A Mom's Advice for 2E Success

Editor's note: This week, we feature guest blogger Venetia Muench, a mom with two 2E sons who has learned how to navigate the school system in order to find the most effective support for her children. Please see her full bio below.

Raising a gifted kid is easy. They always overachieve academically. Parents of gifted kids can just sit back and watch them sail through life...right?

Wrong - in fact, not even close!

Parenting a gifted child is a challenge. Their social, emotional, and intellectual differences require continuous involvement and advocacy to help them be happy and successful in school and life.  Some educators think that because of their intelligence, being gifted is easy and interventions aren’t necessary. Misconceptions like this about gifted kids often make parenting them a lonely experience, as well.