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A Day in the Life of a 10th Grader with Executive Function Challenges

Morning Mad Dash: 6:57 AM - Scrambling Out the Door

Olivia has to catch the bus at 7:30, and she likes to sleep in until 6:45 … and maybe hit the snooze button one or two times after that. That leaves her about half an hour to madly dash about the house eating breakfast, choosing an outfit, brushing her teeth, packing her lunch, changing after reconsidering her outfit, texting her friends, returning to the original outfit, and - if time allows - packing her homework from the night before. With this routine, Olivia has felt frustrated a few times when - despite assuring her teachers that she really, totally did the homework the night before - she hasn’t been able to actually turn it in and get credit.

A Day in the Life of a 7th Grader with Executive Function Challenges

When thinking back to your middle school years, I’ll bet you recall a time in your life when your peers were always accepting, your teachers understood you, and your retainer never, ever got lost.

No? I didn't think so. It turns out, not too much has changed since the Pleistocene era we grew up in, pre-interwebs. Middle school is still an awkward time, to say the least, for even the most “together” students. But for adolescents with Executive Function challenges, daily life in middle school can feel downright unmanageable without the proper supports.

5 Reasons Why Your Smart Child Is Struggling in School

The first part of the school year is in the record books, and already you see the writing on the wall. Your bright, funny, curious child brought home a backpack crammed with crumpled worksheets, last week’s PB&J…and a report card with less than stellar results. You know he or she can do better. Teachers may be wondering if it's just laziness, or is there something else interfering with your child's performance?  Your child thinks, “I guess I’m not so smart, after all.” But succeeding at school is not all about pure intellect, or IQ.

Executive Function Skills Help Students Transition to High School

Did you know that nationwide, more students are held back in 9th grade than in any other grade in school? (Source: betterhighschools.org)

Even when your child is not at risk of being held back, this statistic highlights the differences between middle school and high school expectations. Too often, we see students who are unprepared for the pace and rigor of high school. They may have developed bad study habits (Instagram/Twitter/Netflix while doing homework sound familiar?), or simply have no idea how to study effectively.

What are some warning signs parents should heed as their children make this exciting yet nerve-wracking transition to high school?