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Allowing Your Child to Fail: When Rescuing Impedes Learning

With a new school year beginning, it’s a perfect time to anticipate some bumps in the road and have a plan in place to navigate them with your child. If you’ve seen a pattern of needing to rescue your child from poor planning, the odds are that theme will creep up again this year. Before you rush to be a first responder to your child’s next Homework 911 call, consider what might be gained from allowing your child the opportunity to fail.

How to Manage a Busy Schedule: The Planning Power of Shared Calendars

  • My sister is going to visit my parents this weekend; maybe I should plan to do the same.
  • My dog has a vet appointment next week at the same time that my fiancé has a meeting; I guess I’ll be on my own with doggy duty.
  • There’s a Red Sox home game at the same time as my field hockey game near Fenway on Monday; I’ll need to leave pretty early to get there.

Am I blessed with clairvoyance? Well, almost...allow me to explain exactly how my busy schedule became more manageable with the help of a little technology.

Can Overwhelmed Students Achieve Work-Life Balance?

Last week, I had a meal at one of my favorite Italian restaurants. The food there is simplicity at its best; the chefs use straightforward, focused ingredients to create one delicious dish in which you can taste every hint of flavor. Everything on the plate has a purpose, and there are no frills- just good, tasty food. The ability to create a menu in which all elements harmonize together to accomplish a larger goal is the hallmark of any great chef.

Can Executive Function Coaching Improve Relationships?

Over the winter break a friend of mine tells me about one of his coworkers, and his story sounds something like this:

“I had an important work meeting last month that was scheduled to begin at 9am, sharp. At 9:03 I start pacing a bit because Jackson, my colleague who’s supposed to be presenting with me, hasn’t shown up yet. He texts me at 9:06 saying “running late. start w/o me.” So, I just dive right into things as best I can, and about 15 minutes later he strolls into the room.”

With an exasperated look on his face he turns to me and asks, “What's wrong with this guy? How can he be so rude?”